Sunday, March 1, 2009

Some Daily chores

Hi there everyone,

Well, this has been one of the wettest February's in my memory and we have been fairing just fine in the RV. Despite the rain today, we took care of several chores today. The vent over the stove in the RV has a flapper in it to keep bugs out of the exhaust hood. I had removed the vent cover a year ago and painted it to match the trailer. Well, when I reinstalled it, I heard a crack of some plastic, but I couldn't figure out what it was. A month or so ago however, the flapper came loose. So, that must have been the plastic that cracked and it finally gave up the ghost and fell out. So, I went to our local RV dealer and picked up a new cover for the exhaust hood. I extended the awning from the trailer which happens to be over the vent hood which provided me with a dry work area. I removed the old vent cover and installed a new one, all in a driving rain storm.

I also vacuumed the carpets in the trailer and took out the trash and flushed out the black water tank in the trailer. Carol helped me to remove the screens and clean the vent fans today. A little bit of spring cleaning if you will. This is the first time that we have cleaned these out since we bought this trailer 3 years ago. They were pretty yucky!

We are all enjoying our new life style a great deal. The cats seem to be doing just fine, the dog have always been great RV'ing companions and Carol and I are have not missed a beat at all in our new environment. There really hasn't been any sort of adjustment that has had to take place in moving from a stick and brick to the Trailer.

I've been fighting a cold the last couple of days, but despite that, yesterday, we went to Sacramento for a very busy day. First we went so I could get blood drawn at Kaiser Hospital. We joined the Kaiser network this year and have found it to save us a great deal of money over our HMO that we use to have. After I had my blood drawn (which came out great by the way) we went down and dropped off the Honda at Elk Grove Honda to get an oil change done on it. While they did the oil change on our Honda, Carol and I went to Katies work and I figured out the problem with her headlights was the fact that both bulbs were burned out. After a few minutes at Kragen, we had her back up and running with head lights.

Well, I guess that is about all for now. We hope you all are doing great. Happy Camping! Eric And Carol!