Thursday, July 30, 2009

Success at the fair and missing my honey!!! :-(

Once in a while in our relationship, I get the distinct joy of buying my Honey some flowers. Though my heart is always willing, the checking account isn't always so cooperative. This week however there were a few extra bucks in the checking account and I knew my honey deserved a treat so, I brought some beautiful ones home for her.

She has been working so hard lately on her typing skills. In a week, she has to let the state know if she has managed to get her typing speed up to 40 words a minute. At that point, she can take the test again and hopefully get a job as a medical transcriptionist for the department of corrections. I'm so proud of her!

Carol is leaving tomorrow for a Girlies weekend with Cheryl. Carol hasn't left yet, but I miss her already. Not having her by my side is going to be tough on Friday and Saturday nights, but, I'll tough it through somehow! This is the first time we will have slept apart in a couple years.

Tonight, Carol and I went to the County fair to check things out. There was a CCR tribute band there. They weren't bad, but they were not as good as the Chicago Tribut band that was at the fair a couple years ago. None the less, Carol and I took in a couple of their songs and found it enjoyable. We also went and checked out all of the pictures and art work that was done for the fair. Both the pictures we entered, received an prize. :-) 'Late Supper', a picture of some cows near a tree at sunset got 2nd place and 'Reflection of play', a picture of the three dogs romping around received an 'Honorable Mention'. Pretty cool for our first ever entry in the fair. Both of them were taken with our little Kodak Digital camera and printed with our HP multi-function printer.

The RV park is filling up, almost to capacity for the County fair. The fair grounds are litterally right next door to the RV park so the place usually fills up around fair time. Even with all of the spots filled, the park is really very quiet.

Though Carol will be gone this weekend, I will keep busy. I plan on taking some boxes from work down to Katie and Russ so they can start packing. They have a new place that they will be moving into in August. The place is owned by Kevin Sillamans dad. His renters, of some 28 years are moving out, so the kids are preparing to move in. It is a much bigger place for about the same amount of rent. I also plan on Washing and waxing the trailer this weekend and doing a few odd repairs around the place, such as fixing the 'Screen door' again.

Well, that's all for now folks. Happy camping! - Eric -

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Full-timing in the trailer and the fair

Well, the county fair is starting this week. I took a couple pictures over to the County fair. One picture is of the cows out behind the RV this last winter. The other is of the dogs playing on the beach at Ft Stevens state park in Astoria Oregon. The Fair is all a hussle and bussle with preparations for the weeks events.

We are going up to Sandy and Bills this afternoon for dinner to see the new yard. We will also will be celebrating Calvin Jr's birthday. We will be taking up a blender and toe nail clippers for Haddies trim of her toe nails. So funny. We live in a 30 foot fifth wheel trailer and Sandy and Bill live in a house over 1000 square feet and there are two things we have in this 30 by 10 box that they do not. I guess we are doing a pretty good job of setting up our limited household with the things we need.

We are going to hook up with Tommy and his daughter Cortney and see the Barrell house that Carol and Bryan use to live in. Tune in soon for pictures and an update.

Happy Camping! - Eric -

Thursday, July 16, 2009

It's hot but we're ok!

Hi there everyone,

Last weekend was a busy one. Asside from our normal weekend activities, I inspected the brakes and repacked the axles on the trailer. All in all, the process went pretty well after I had all of the parts. I had to get three sets of grease seals before I finally got the right ones. But, like I said, the process went really well.

The temperature these days is exceeding 100 every day. It's really warming up the old Cougar during the day. Thankfully, though, the air conditioner is doing a great job of keeping us cool, even in the heat of the day. All of the work we have done to try to keep the trailer temperatures more under control seem to have paid off. The AC seems to be able to keep the inside of the trailer under 80 unless we decide to do some cooking inside.

Carol has started her temp job with Blue Ribbon. she is working as a secretary at the River Pines water agency. She's only working there 4 hours a day 3 days a week, but she is getting some practice typing and taking dictation, so any experience is good experience.

We are leaving tomorrow to go to a near by rv park with a local Good sam RV club. It will be our first venture with a club. We are looking forward to it for a couple reasons. We'll get to make some additional friends and we will get to see Mike and Theresa Nigro.

Karen and Mike are headed to the bay area to see a couple of drum corps shows this weekend. As much as I would love to go to see a corps show, as Carol says, I can't see and do everything.

Katie and Russ are doing great. They have been living in Elk Grove now for over 6 months and seem to be making life on their own work out just fine.

Well, I guess that is about it for now.

Happy camping all! Eric and Carol Anderson

Friday, July 3, 2009

In memory of Sean Whittaker

We would like to offer our condolences to the family of Sean Whittaker. Sean's life ended far too early when succumbed to his injuries which occurred as a result of a high speed motor cycle accident. Our hearts and thoughts go out to his mom Nancy, dad Lynn and brothers Mike and Jay.

Sean's funeral will be held on Tuesday, July 7th, 2009.

Best wishes! Eric and Carol Anderson