Monday, February 20, 2012

More little repairs that needed finishing up

As you saw from an earlier post, we sprung a leak on a hot water line in the bathroom sink area. It kind of pissed the cat off 'cause it was right over her litter box. I temporarily resolved that by placing a shelf and a cup under the pipe until we had the money to buy the parts for the repairs. Fortunately, I was able to get all of the needed parts at Lowes and was able to save ourselves a trip to Camping World or some other place like that. I used a couple of unions and an elbow, along with a new section of pipe to effect that repair.
Also, we had a brake caliper that got stuck on the Honda Accord. Once I figured out the brake caliper was stuck, it was an easy fix. I got the parts at our local O'Riely autoparts and got it, as well as the new brake pads installed. This also gave me a perfect opportunity to change out the brake fluid in all of the brake lines.
Lastly, I had to replace the screen material one more time on the front door of the motor home. Rosie continues to try to do her best at remodeling the motorhome, but we just won't give in to her desires.
Thats all for now. Happy camping! - Eric and Carol -

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Good Bye Dr. Nigel

We are so very sad to announce the passing of one of our families greatest dogs, Dr. Nigel. He was a pound puppy that my Mike and Karen adopted from a shelter in the Medford area back in 1998. Our first memory of him was when we went up to Karen and Mikes so that Carol could meet the family for the first time. Nigel bolted out the front door to go for a run. So Eric grabbed his hiking boots, threw them on, but don't bother to lace them (cause that would take time) and run after him in the snow covered streets, up one street and down the other. Fortunately for us, we caught him while going number 2 on someones lawn. Yes, the neighbor yelled at us, but we got our beloved Nigel back, for 14 wonderful years. He had a wonderful home with Karen and Mike and he will always be with all who knew him, at least in sprit, for a long time to come. He traveled the nation in Karen and Mikes motorhome, on two cross country trips. He always loved to go for a ride in the Motorhome. We love you Nigel, we always have, and we always will, Rest in peace my friend. We love you!
When ever we go camping, we will always think of you Dr. Nigel

Eric's 50th Birthday

Fifty years ago, Betty Ruth Anderson delivered Eric Lynn Anderson. For so many years I thought of being 50 as being old, but low and behold, here I am, fifty years old. I had a wonderful 50th birthday celebration. It started with a gathering with the family in Amador county at Pine Grove Pizza, one of my favorite Pizza parlors ever! Thank you to Sandy and Bill for the new tool boxes, they are just want the doctor ordered.
On the Wednesday before my birthday, Katie and Russ joined us for dinner at Hooters. I thought that was one of the appropriate places to celebrate my 50th birthday, especially since it was a time with our kids! :-)

The following weekend, we made the trek up to Oregon to enjoy some family time with Karen and Mike. It was a beautiful drive to Ashland on the evening of my Birthday. We had a great dinner at Applebees in Redding on the way to Karen and Mikes. We went on a long desired tour of Dogs for the deaf which my honey set up for me and Karen and Mike to enjoy. If you ever have the opportunity to visit Southern Oregon, make a stop at the Dogs for the Deaf facility. It is wonderful and they do wonderful things for those less fortunate! Later on that Friday, we enjoyed dinner at Omars Restaurant for steak and other tasty stuff.

On Saturday, we went to a Crab feed at the local Elks lodge that Mike is a member of. I was so glad that we also got to spend some much enjoyable time with Mikes brother Chuck and wife Teri at the crab feed as well.
Every part of my 50th birthday has been absolutly wonderful. Thank you to my wife and all of my family members for a wonderful birthday celebration.
Happy camping! - Eric -

Thursday, February 2, 2012

A new month and new repairs and thoughts on getting older

The last couple of weeks have been fairly quiet around here. Though we find with my job change that we can’t get out in the Moho as much as we would like to, we know that with time this will change. My supervisor is really happy with my performance and is trying hard to get me a promotion sooner rather than later. So, though I took a pay cut to get this job, it is only a temporary situation, if all goes well.
As I get’s older, I find myself more reflective on my life over the years. I never perceived myself as a super star, a jock, or anyone that was smarter than a lot of other people. I’ve just always tried to work hard, do what’s right and take care of my family. I find myself feeling so lucky to have the family that I do in my life, I have the most wonderful wife in the whole wide world, and a daughter (though my step daughter) who has turned out to be such a wonderful young lady. Hopefully, I had some small part in that. I'm looking forward to the next two weekends, not so much because each weekend will have some part of celebrating my 50th birthday, but because I will get to spend time with my family members who are so important too me. I will get to see a number of Carols family this weekend, and I will get to see my own sister and her husband Mike, next weekend. For all these wonderful family members, I am truly blessed.
Also this weekend, we are going to get the oil changed on the Moho. The first time since we have bought it. She's over due, but hopefully, she won't hold too much of a grudge.
There have also been a couple more repairs that we have had to make to the rig. Both of them have to do with water, hmmm, are you sensing a theme here? One of them is a water leak from under the sink in the bathroom. It's on the hot water side. I'm thinking at one time, there was too much pressure to the lines and she finally gave up the ghost. Well, we will be off to Camping world this weekend to get the Oil Change and we should be able to pick up the parts for this repair. In the short term, you can see I attached a shelf and a cup, to catch the drips until we can effect the repair.
The second one was a little harder to diagnose. It turns out a gasket on the mounting bracket of the air conditioner failed. And, when it rained, the water came in through the bolt holes. After a little liquid gasket material, we should be good to go.
Oh yes, one last thing... Carol and I are now doing volunteer work at a local Chako organization here in Sacramento. We are helping to socialize Pit Bulls at the local animal shelter so that they will be adopted. Wish us luck.
Take care and Happy camping!
Eric (and Carol)