Friday, March 25, 2011

And the rain just keeps on coming!!!

Hi there everyone, well this has been one of the rainier seasons on record for northern California. The ski resorts have reported near record snow fall this year. Some resorts have reported up to 56 feet of snow this year!!! WOW!!! There has been so much snow this year that the 'Carson Spur' which is one of the sections of the Highest pass in California, at 8,650 feet, actually looks like a giant 'bob sled' run!!! Another picture is of 'Hams Station' which is an old 'Stage Coach' station that is pretty high up the mountain as well!!! We are getting ready to move our home location from Plymouth California to Rancho Cordova. Carol's job is in Sacramento, and mine is in Pine Grove. We are needing to improve our financial situation, so we found a new location to park the Moho. Though it isn't nearly as nice as the RV park in Plymouth, it is a safe location, where the monthly rent is half of what we are paying now. Making this change will allow us to get out a bit more often with the motor home and enjoy some new adventures. The new location is between Carol's job and my job, so her commute will get a lot shorter, and mine will get longer, but that's OK, it's my turn to drive for a while. :-) Rosie is continuing to adjust to living in our home. At times, it's been a tough adjustment. She has been given the nick-name 'The destroyer'. She has destroyed some check books and pulled wiring out from behind the dash of the Motor home. Eric almost had a melt down when he found all of these wires from behind the dashboard chewed up. Fortunately, the previous owner of the Moho was a ham-radio operator. The cabling that Rosie chewed up was antenna cables for the Ham-Radio antennas and nothing else. Though Eric's dad is probably spinning in his grave at the destruction, Eric is less devastated by it, now knowing that it wasn't anything critical that was damaged. Speaking of the motor home, we've only owned the Moho since September and we finally found out that the Splendide Washer/Drier has two lint filters! Over time, it's ability to dry clothes seems to have gotten worse. After posting a question on the 'trailerlife' webpage forums, we found that not only is there a lint filter on the front of the unit, but on the back as well. That is one of the problems with buying a used RV, you don't always get all of the owners manuals and the quality walk-thru's that you need sometimes. We were told about the one one the front in the walk-thru, but not the one on the back of it. We are also taking a 'Mystery Trip' next week. It is something that Carol has wanted to do for a while and that Eric has no idea where they are going, but is equally looking forward to it. We'll update the blog after we have had a chance to enjoy our get-away a little bit. Happy camping! Eric and Carol Anderson

Sunday, March 13, 2011

A quick weekend get away

Hi there everyone,

Well, I thought it would be nice to be somewhat spontaneous and surprise Carol with a weekend getaway for the two of us. Of course, because Carol and I are both 'Gainfully' employed, being spontaneous is a little hard to do. So, I have to plan and try to make the outing as spontaneous as possible. I started by making reservations at the West Sacramento KOA for the weekend. I got the Ok from my boss to come in early and leave early on Friday. I left work at noon and headed to Safeway to do some grocery shopping.

When I got home, I found that Rosie had re-decorated the house once again. It's becoming a daily ritual to find 'Rosie Fallout' when I get home everyday. Ah the joy of having a new doggie addition in the house-hold. :-)

At any rate, I got the motor home on the road at around 2:30 PM. I arrived at the West Sacramento KOA at 4:00 PM which gave me an hour to get the Motor home set up for Carol's arrival from work around 5:15 PM. We had a very nice evening dining on Bar-b-que'd chicken, Black beans and Cauliflower. We topped the evening off with sitting by the fire outside. A practically perfect evening in every way.

Saturday, we hung out close to camp for the majority of the day. We took the dogs to the KOA park dog park for a couple of runs and then took a walk to the neighborhood Starbucks for a couple of Yummy drinks. We topped off the evening with dinner at Applebee's and getting some 'Pet supplies' at the nearby 'Petsmart'. We're going to try a Kong filled with Peanut butter to see if that keeps Rosie occupied so that she doesn't tear the house apart while we are at work on Monday. Rosie has separation anxiety when we go to work each day. We know she will grow out of this phase, but we want to minimize the damage until she does.

Sunday morning we had to get a much earlier start than I had thought we initially would, but Carol had a lunch date on Sunday, so we had to head for home pretty early.

After we got home, while Carol was gone, I got a couple of loads of laundry done, a modification done to the step ladder on the back of the moho, Worked on cleaning up a neighbors Single wide mobile home for them, I gave our three dogs each baths and now I am getting the blog updated. :-) So, it's a busy Sunday for me.

It's just really nice to know that at the drop of a hat, home doesn't have to be 'At Home' if we don't want it to be. We're both looking forward to our next trip which will be later this month. Carol hasn't told me what the plan is yet, but I'm game for what ever she has planned. :-)

Happy camping! - Eric and Carol Anderson -