Sunday, September 22, 2013

September 14th - Cal-Fire picnic day

We were fortunate enough to be able to attend a Cal-Fire picnic day that was held in Ione. It was a rare opportunity for members of the Cal-Fire family to see the men and women in action with their equipment and training at the facility in Ione California.

We had a wonderful day watching some of the hazards that fire fighters face as well as the training they are given to develop skills to deal with emergencies they face every day. We got to see the force involved in an air-bag deployment. We also got to see how a fire-fighter bails out of a window and slides down a ladder. Most impressive though, was the back draft demonstration.

Eric's hoping that the Aviation branch has a Picnic or Family day next year.

Happy camping!

Eric and Carol Anderson

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Fourteen wonderful years of marriage

On September 4th. we celebrated being married for 14 years and together for about 15. And too make you all sick, we're here to tell you, we love each other more each day than we did the day before! We so enjoy our lives together!

We treated our selves to a couple things this month that will hopefully allow us to enjoy even more time together than normally we might have. We've both joined a local health club. Carol has a personal trainer to help her learn how to best increase her core strength in her torso and her neck, both areas where she has back problems. We also bought our selves a pair of bicycles so that we can ride around Rancho Cordova and also for riding around the areas we may find our selves camping in while traveling in our RV.

In the two weekends since our actual anniversary, we've been out on two bike rides!

For our anniversary dinner, we went to a Mexican restaurant called Zocalo in Mid-Town Sacramento. Zocalo is located in an old Hudson dealership. It's a higher end Mexican food restaurant. Though a little more expensive than some most of our Mexican food experiences, it was fairly priced. The food and the service DID NOT disappoint! Our server was Johnny on the spot and brought Carol a brand new drink right after she spilled her initial one. If she spilled the second one though, I'm thinking they were going to cut her off! :-)

We are looking for countless years more of our wonderful marriage together!

Happy Camping!

  Eric and Carol