Friday, September 21, 2012

The Shuttle Endeavor as it passed over Sacramento

Even though today was our Furlough day from the State of California, we still got up bright and early so that we could travel into the city of Sacramento so that we could watch the space shuttle Endeavor, as it was being ferried to Los Angeles for it's eventual display at the California Science center.

The video is pretty shaky, but it's hard to see the image through the display on the camera in the sunlight. :-(

And here is the video...
The shuttle Endeavor approaching Sacramento from the south
We may live full time in our RV, but we still have a wonderful life!
Happy camping! - Eric and Carol -

Our flag pole

Carol and I are both proud flag waving americans. We came up with an idea of buying a couple of solar powerd yard spot lights at a local hardware store. We then drilled holes in the bases and run zip ties through them to attach the lights to the bottom of our flag pole. The solar powerd lights are charged up during the day and even when we are boon docking, the lights provide ample lighting for the flag at night. Check this out in our video. Keep in mind, our camera doesn't do real well in low light situations, so it may not look very bright.

Our Flag pole setup

The batteries in the solar powered lights, will easily run the lights for 14 hours so that the flag is lit up all night.

We are so looking forward to using this set up when we boon dock with a bunch of other flag waving americans while we boon dock at Quartzsite Arizona in January of 2013.

Happy camping!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Just another weekend at home!

Hi there everyone,

Well, we've had another busy weekend here at home. No destination in mind, just taking care of business around the old rented home-stead! :-) First, we've been working on the plans for our up-coming vacation. We are taking a road trip to Quartzsite for our next vacation. We'll be leaving for Quartzsite in Mid January. Our nine day road trip will take us to hooking with members of the Escapees in Quartzsite. There is this huge swap meet sort of RV gathering every year in Quartzsite which is a town in western Arizona, just past the California boarder on Interstate 10. We will spend 3 or so full days there. Then, we will head to Joshua Tree national monument to check that out. If time permits, we will also check out the 'General Patton' museum on that day. At the end of the day, we will end up at the Bolsa Chika state beach which is just south of Long Beach. We have chosen that location because it is near a dog friendly beach. While staying at Bolsa Chika for a few days, we'll make a day trip to the USS Iowa and see the Space Shuttle which will be on display at the Southern California Science center.

This weekend, I also worked on setting up additional sprinklers in our yard. As you can see, we've made pretty good progress on getting some of the grass to fill in, so we thought we would put in some more effort at getting the grass repaired! As you can see from the following pictures, there is a picture from August 2nd and another from the 8th of September.

This weekend was the weekend for the California Capital Air Show at Mather Field. We attended the Air Show last year, but didn't go this year. It was very cool this year, as the United States Air Force Thunderbirds performed at this years show! This is a wonderful event that is attened by about 80,000 people over the course of the weekend. Again, the weather this year was perfect. Not a cloud in the sky and no wind to speak of.

Sunday afternoon, we went grocery shopping, Carol was nice enough to let me go see a few minutes of the Thunderbirds performance from a near by street while she put the groceries away! Also, while I was gone, Carol started working on her first 'Peach Cobler' that she has ever made in the Convection oven of the Motorhome! The Peaches came from a tree that hangs over the fence of the RV park. So, if nothing else, the fruit is real and not processed at all by a 'Processing plant'.

We'll try to remember to make a post later about how the cobler came out! I'm sure it came out great, 'cause my honey is a wonderful cook! :-)

Happy camping! Eric and Carol Anderson!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Our 13th wedding anniversary

Hi there everyone,

As we prepared to celebrate our 13th wedding anniversary together, we decided the time had come to replace the Washer/Drier in our Motorhome. When we bought the motorhome in 2010, it came with a Splendid 2000 washer/drier. We've used the washer/drier virtually every day since we bought the rig. The first thing to fail was the water pump that drains the Washer. That failure took place in June of this year. We spent the $150.00 to replace that unit. Then, we found that the drier would run for hours on end. We figured that if we didn't set the drier timer for anyting longer than 60 minutes, the drier would turn off after the time it was set for had elapsed. However next, the washer timer started to fail and the wash cycles would not complete. So, we decided that buying a new washer was the way to go.

So, on Thursday the 30th, Paul our neighbor helped me heft the old Splendide 2000 washer/drier out of the motorhome and load it into the Honda CRV. On Friday the 31st of August, I took old Splendide unit to a local Appliance recycler. Once Carol was up and going on Friday, we went to walk dogs at the local shelter. After walking dogs, we went to the Camping World in Rocklin to pick up our new washer/drier. We bought a Splendide 2100XC and brought it home. Russ came over once we got home and helped me lift the new Washer/Drier into the rig and I proceeded to put it into place.

The new washer/drier has proven to be a far superior unit to the old unit. It is far quieter, and it dries much faster than the old unit. We also find that the clothes come out far fresher than then old unit. Some other benifits to the new Splendide 2100 XC is that the unit is self cleaning, in other words, it takes care of the lint with out any action on our part. So, no lint filter to clean. Also, there is no wet filter to clean either! :-) Though we have only used the new unit for a couple of days, it has done yomans duty, processing about 10 loads of laundry. This is our wedding anniversary gift to our selves and we are loving it! :-)

For our anniversary dinner, Carol and I went to 'The Melting Pot' a fondu resturaunt in Mid-town Sacramento. We had a wonderful dinner at this resturaunt. It consisted of a swiss cheese fondu as an appetizer, with breads, apple slices and veggies. Then we were served a traditional salad. The main couse was various beef, pork, chicken and shrimp cuts which we could cook in a broth along with potatos and veggies. The dinner was topped off with a chocolate fondu which included marshmellos, rice crispy treats and various other delecacies that could be put in the chocolate fondu. It was all very, very yummy! After dinner, we enjoyed a walk through Mid town seeing the Governors mansion and Memorial Auditorium. The Sacramento area really is a wonderful place to live and work, and we enjoy it very much!

Happy camping! - Eric and Carol -