Sunday, November 30, 2008

Happy Birthday Chadderbug

Hi there everyone,

Today is Chad (Chadderbug) Wrights 13th birthday. The Wrights have been family friends since Katie was in elementary school. We've watched Chad grow up before our eyes. He is now a bright teenager with a lot of Potential to do great things.

Thanks Chad for having us over for birthday dinner and Cake last night. Enjoy your Birthday and your Birthday Cash.

Happy birthday from our house to yours!

Love Eric, Carol, Katie and Russ

Friday, November 28, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to One and All

Hi there everyone,

We're hoping that this Thankgiving Blog finds you spending time with your Family at the beginning of the holiday season. For Thanksgiving dinner last night we found our selves at our neices 'Brandee' and her husband 'Kevin'. There were the consument Hosts with the Mosts last night. We enjoyed our gathering of about 10 of us. A special guest appearance was done by Brandee's dad 'Richard Conner'. I've heard of this man for the entire 10 years that Carol and I have been together, but I've never had a chance to meet the man. However, now, I have met him and it was in deed a pleasure to do so.

Tonight, the Friday after Thanksgiving we will be fortunate enough to have 15 of us at the dinner table tonight. It will almost be a like a mini-family reunion! I am so thankful for the wonderful wife that I have in Carol. I am very fortunate to have the extended family that I do in a wonderful step daughter Katie, her Boyfriend Russ, a great sister Karen and her husband Mike. Mike has been in my life almost as far back in my life as I can remember. He tought me to ride a bike and to swim among many other things. Thanks Mike for being a great Brother (in-law) to me. Carols family has been so wonderful to me. From her dad Calvin, God rest his soul, her sister Sandy and her husband Bill. Carols Brother Calvin and his wife Joyce. Brother Billy and his wife Loretta and their son Brandon.

Thank you everone one of you for a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday. Happy Holidays to all. I hope yours is a happy and safe Holiday season. Best wishes and Love! - Eric -

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Life is simple, enjoy it

As I prepare for another day at the grind of testing a software application that I'm really starting to dread, I remember that there are the simple things in life that I need to enjoy. First and foremost, I am so lucky to have the wife that I do. She is so supportive and loving. She is always ready to listen when I need someone to talk to. She is always ready with the hug and kiss that I need to make all of the days problems fade away. She is my soul mate and I am so lucky to have her in my life. Carol, thank you for being my wife! I love you so very much.

We have three dogs and they are always around Carol and I. Even when we go out in the RV, they travel with us. Dogs are such special creatures. They don't want for the material things that us humans do. They travel so light. All they need is the fur on their back, a little food and water and lots and lots of love. I think that is why Carol and I love taking them in the RV with us. They are comfortable any where, as long as we are with them.

I'm sure you've read in the past that Carol and I believe that 'less is more'. Dogs really are the epitome of that statement. But, I don't think that Carol and I will ever be traveling quite that light.

Katie is also growing up to be such a wonderful young lady. It is such a joy when you get to see your child and your self survive the 'terrors' of the teenage years and see that there is hope that your child will get into a successful career.

Life really can be simple if we just let it be. I really do enjoy my life with our three dogs and my family by my side. Thank you all of you for being there for me. Love - Eric-

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

It's a brave new country we have

This morning we wake up to find that our nation has elected its first President who is of African American decent. Though Carol and I voted for Barack and were hopeful that he would win, I think the greater joy is to see how much our Nation has grown up, just in our life time.

We are so encouraged to see that our nation had the strength and courage to break with tradition and elect an African American to it's highest office. We are both liberal minded when it comes to most national issues, and Barack seemed like a natural fit for us. It is the first time that we went so far as to put a sign up in our front lawn. The irony of it is, because we lost our house earlier this year, the house we are in now, isn't ours, it's our land Lords.

None the less, we are very proud and hopeful for our nation. I also hope that this chain of events will allow our nation to really get past some of the Racism that still exists. Some of it real, some of it in minds of those who think they are oppressed when maybe they really are not. In our nation, if you work hard enough, trust in those around you, you can accomplish anything you so desire.

It is a great day for the United States of America and we have a brand new future ahead of us!

Happy Camping! - Eric -