Thursday, June 24, 2010

Goin to the dogs

Hi there everyone,

Well, we have reached the 23rd of June and we still haven't had any days in the 100's and we are loving it! Normally, we are really cooking by the time we get into June and this year hasn't been too bad. At some point in though, we know the 100's will be there. We have been full timing for over a year and a half and are loving the life style. Though our trailer is not marketed as a 'Full time' rig, we have found that if we take care of it, it will hold up very well.

Lily our boxer has been struggling with a heart problem. We had noticed a couple of months ago that she looked like she just did not feel well. We took her to a veterinary hospital in Sacramento and she was assigned a cardiologist. He found that she had a number of pre-mature heart beats. She was prescribed a medication. The medication helped but did not resolve the problem. So, a second prescription was added to her diet. We are a little troubled that she still does not seem to be her old self. We are hoping that it is just a matter of her getting use to her new medication.

Speaking of dogs, Carol and Eric attended Petacular, a party for dog owners basically. Our we attended virtually every venu at this event and had a great time. Our favorite part was probably 'Splash dogs' where anyones dog could chase a toy and run and leap into a pool of water. This day was a lot of fun!

We got to attend Danielle McCann's 8th grade promotion ceremony at Ione Jr. High. She is such a bright, beautiful young lady that everyone in the family is so very proud of.

A large number of the family collected at Raley field in Sacramento for a Rivercats game on Fathers day where we all had a wonderful time.

We went to an RV show to see what the new models look like and Eric fell in love with a 2002 Winnibego Journey. Though it only had two slides, I think we came to the conclusion that rigs in the 60K to 70K price range might be more what we are going to have to look at. We took a few swings at getting the unit financed but it just did not happen. Two of the strikes against us was the fact that we had the short sale on the house just two years ago. The second strike was the fact that we live full time in our RV. But, we learned what bank we should talk to going forward. We understand that 'Bank of the west' is probably the establishment to deal with. So, in a few months, maybe we'll try it again.

So far, Carol and I have both lost in excess of 35 pounds through the Kaiser weight loss program . We have learned so much through the program about what we should be eating to live a healthier life. Carol has had some interviews coming up the last couple of weeks and as a result has needed to buy some more clothes that fit her better 'cause the old ones are just falling off. Loosing weight and having a job interview, those are both very good things! Here is to hoping they both pay off!!!

Carol and I took the trailer down to Clovis this last week end to see a drum corps show with Karen and Mike. The Blue Devils were victorious and obviously superior to every other group on the field, but all of the groups have come a long way since I was a volunteer for the Blue Devils 15 years ago.

This weekend is the fourth of July. I've finished the implementation of my VVIMS project and all in all, it seems to have gone fairly well. So, I am looking forward to a three day weekend that is just around the corner.

Well, I guess that is about all for now.

Happy Camping! - Eric and Carol -