Monday, February 17, 2014

Some of our spare time volunteering

Hi there everyone,

As we have eluded to in our previous posts, we are both very involved with a Pit Bull Rescue here in the Sacramento Area. The organization by the name of Chako is very involved with two of the local animal shelters in the Sacramento area. Chako has volunteers that go on a daily basis to work with shelter dogs.

On occasions, volunteers come across dogs that are special in some way. The following video is about Oreo who was saved by Chako from the Sacramento SPCA. Oreo was on the Euthanasia list because of the fact that she was born blind in both eyes.

Because of the love and dedication of Chako volunteers, Oreo was taken care of and placed in a wonderful home in the Bay area.

For more information, check out Chako's website at

Happy camping! 

Eric and Carol