Sunday, March 21, 2010

Dandelion Days and then some

Well, spring has sprung and we are starting to see lots of activity in Amador county. This weekend we had a couple of signature events in our county that brings folks from various diciplines to our small county. And both of these events took place this weekend. First off, closest to our home front, is the California High School Rodeo Association Challenge of Champions event at the county Fair grounds which are right next door to the RV resort. This is one of those great events that challenges our youth of today to be better individuals through sport, skill and good sportsmanship. There were a number of Livestock rigs here at the park and even more at the fair grounds. It's great to see all those who take this activity so seriously working so hard to accomplish their goal. Obviously, these are families that take Rodeo and animal husbandry very seriously. They also start very young. We saw a number of miniature practice rigs where these RV'ing cowpokes can practice their lasoing with at any time. This event started Friday and ran through the majority of Sunday.
The other event in Amador county this weekend was our annual Dandelion Days festival. I find this name interesting 'cause Dafodills are much more predominate in our county than Dandelions, but it may be that Dandelions are more indigiounous to this area than Dafodills. At any rate, Dandelion days is primarily a street fair event that is organized by the Jackson Lions club. There were over 200 vendors that showed off their wares. There is also a large assortment of food booths that are run by various non-profit groups. The best known is the steak sandwiches which are prepared by the Jackson Fire department. The line for their offering was frequently 20 deep. Though the food preparers were keeping up with the demand, it was those that were fumbling for their cash and those making change that were slowing up the works. But it was all worth while.

We got together with Carol's brother Billy and Wife Loretta and son Brandon to take in the Dandelion days festivities. After hanging out there for 4 hours, we reposed to Billy and Loretta's place in Pioneer for desert and chit chat. Our dog Lily also got to work with Billy and Loretta's puppy Emma so she could find out what being a puppy is all about.

Well, that is about all for now. Have a great week.

Happy Camping! - Eric and Carol -

Sunday, March 14, 2010

March 14th, 2010

Well we're back home. Wow, what a Whirl Wind trip. We drove home from Lancaster today with a stop in Bakersfield at a Camping world and at Applebee's for lunch. Ever since we got to Lancaster we've seen a Diesel leak coming from the truck. The leak has gotten worse and worse durning the trip, but got really bad on the final leg home. The truck got us home, safe and sound, but she's going to need to make a trip to Lynches Automotive to have them figure out what is going on with the Hulkster. We're sure though that she will be back on the road soon once we get the fuel leak fixed.

I wanted to be share our experience on the 'Musical Highway' with all of you out there. If you are ever in Lancaster, be sure to check it out.

Happy camping! - Eric and Carol -

March 13th, 2010

Well, the visit to the Poppy Reserve in Lancaster didn't work out the way I had hoped. I think maybe I was more disappointed than Carol was, but I'd worked so hard to pull this off without Carol's knowing and hoping we could make the trip before Carol had thought about doing it this year, it was a let down for me that the few poppy's that had come up, were folded up because of the high winds.

None the less we had a great day. We went and found the 'Musical Highway' where you can here the William Tell Overature while driving 55 MPH. It has been featured on a Honda Commercial. We also went and found a couple geocaches along the way. We also managed to get our Laundry for the week done as well as grocery shopping. We also made it to Red Lobster for dinner on Saturday night. All in all it was a great day, I love spending every day that I can with my wife.

Happy camping! - Eric and Carol -

March 12th, 2010

Well, after a little while and a few hints, Carol figured out where I was taking her for the weekend, the California Poppy preserve. THough my initial thought was to stay at the RV resort in Bakersfield, it was a two hour drive from that park to the Poppy reserve, so instead, I opted for the Antellope valley fair grounds RV park in Lancaster. THis was where we stayed for the Southern California Samboree in September. All in all, the trip down from home went off without a hitch, but it looks like the forecasters got it wrong in saying it would not be windy. We awoke Saturday morning to a pretty good cross wind, making the slide toppers flap a lot. We shall be un-daunted though and take in the Poppy reserve today, though we may do most of our looking from the truck to keep our chapped lips to a minimum.

We were quite surprised how much we saw in the way of wild flowers as we made our way down the 99 on Friday however. With this in our minds, we are hopefull that the poppy reserve will be spectacular. For dinner, we're going to see if we can find a Red Lobster resturaunt.

I'll have another posting for the 13th here shortly.

Happy Camping! - Eric and Carol -

Friday, March 12, 2010

A mystery get away

Today we leave on a special trip. Carol doesn't know it yet, but I'm taking her to southern california for the weekend. I originally thought about taking her to a little RV resort that we found in Bakersfield last year. But it dawned on me that she has always been wanting to go see the poppy fields in the Lancaster area. I didn't make reservations in Bakersfield 'cause I wasn't sure if this was going to come together the way I had hoped so, I'm the only one really concerned about the 'Change in Plans'.

I'm so happy to be able to do this for Carol, it's been a rough year with the job she was wokring towards falling through. I am so proud of her though, she is such a trooper. She continues to work towards other opportunities that are out there. I know she will be thrilled with this little get away. Rain is on the way for today, but the weather in Southern California is forecasted to be a little drier. They've had a fairly wet winter for Southern California, so I'm hoping that the spring flowers will be in full bloom. I checked this morning and the visitors center opens tomorrow, so things really seem to be coming together. As a bonus, I have some gecocaches set up to go look for if we have time. :-)

The RV park that we will be staying at doesn't have internet access, so I won't be able to update the blog before we return. I can't wait until Carol get's up this morning and I surprise her by telling her that I am not going to work but taking her on a quick get-away.
Well, I gotta get to packing up the trailer so that we are ready to go when Carol get's up. Happy camping! - Eric and Carol -

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Into March we go!!!

Well, we have started into the month of March and the weather this winter has been substantial. We have had more rain than we have had in the last couple of years. Though we have had a lot of rain this year, we are only around 100 percent of normal. But, in previous years, we've had only 80 percent of normal. The snow pack in places this year is at a 105%. Of course, our rainy season isn't over yet, so depending on how much precipitation we have during the rest of the year will determine if we are above or below average, for the end of the rainy season. We are both ready to dry out a little bit.