Sunday, May 14, 2017

New tires for our rig

We bought our Allegro bus motorhome in September of 2010. At the time, the tires that came on the rig has a lot of life left on them. They were made in 2006. However, now 7 years later, those tires are now 11 years old. We have always kept the tires covered, so the tires have held up well over the 11 years of their lives. Discussing the life of our tires with various tire shops have agreed that the tires will hold up very well when covered and that we should not be surprised to get 10 or more years out of the tires.

So, we went to our nearby Les Schwab for tires for our 2003 Allegro bus. We paid just south of $2,900 for the 6 tires. When they installed the tires, we asked them to save a tire that we could put in the bay for a spare. We don't expect a tire problem at any point, but if we have a problem, we can call for a service truck to change our failed tire with the spare that we have.

We live full time in our rig. We weren't 100% sure that we would be able to find room in the bay without removing some stuff. Like everyone, we probably have stuff in the bays that we don't need to keep hauling around, but it is always hard to make the decision to toss stuff out.

However, with just a little moving of stuff around, having a space for the tire was easy to come up with, actually, we had a gap that we had lost sight of. So, with putting just a few items such as our Jack stands, the hydraulic jack, and a ceramic heater inside the tire, we were able to re-organize and get everything including the spare tire in the bay.

Safe travels all!