Monday, October 25, 2010

Another month of busy activities

Well, Halloween is just around the corner and so you know what that means, another month is almost in the books. Sometimes I think we are adrenalin junkies and like being busy all of the time.

At the tail end of September, we bought our new digs, a 2003 Allegro bus motor home. Because the money didn't come through as quickly as we would have liked, we had to really hustle to get all of our stuff moved from the Fifth wheel to the motor home in time to move the motor home to the KOA in Lodi for the annual family reunion. One of the things that was missing from our new home was a computer desk. Well, instead of buying some pre-fabricated desk that I was going to have to modify the heck out of, I decided to build us one from scratch, and we are both very happy with how it came out. Staples also had a heck of a deal on office chairs. We found one that is very comfortable to work at and with it being half price, it was hard to pass up. Being that it is a dark brown, it matches the cabinets and the desk very well.

Less than a week after taking delivery of our new home, it was time to head to the Stockton/Lodi KOA at tower park. This was our third annual reunion at this park. The location works great because it is centrally located for all of the family members. Carol and Sandy once again organized some great games for everyone to participate in, and as usual, Kevin McCann was an outstanding master of ceremonies. My sister and Brother-in-law Karen and Mike were able to join in on the fun. They had their new addition to their family Guinness a Shepherd mix. Sadly, Bubba passed away when we went up to visit Karen and Mike while Kristin was in town in late September. Molly, Chuck and Terry's Beagle also made a special appearance. Most of all though, it was great to see all of the Waite siblings and so many of their kids attend the event. Saturday was a full day starting with games, having a horse shoe tournament followed by a pot-luck in the pavilion at the end of the day with awards and a slide show. No one went to the Emergency Room and the Cops didn't have to be called so all in all, it was a very successful family reunion.

It's closing in on Halloween and the Far Horizons 49er Trailer Village is bustling with activities. Starting with 2009, the owner of the RV park has opted to have two Halloween weekends. What this means is for two weekends in a row, the park is sold out and the vast majority of the RV sites are decorated with various decorations. Some really go all out. So even set up complete 'Haunted Houses'. Despite the fact that we had 1.5 inches of rain on Saturday night, the majority of the kids at the park made the rounds for their candy allotments. Even though the rigs on either side of ours didn't know that Halloween was such a popular event here, they both stepped up to the plate and participated in a big way.

Speaking of rain, we've had over 2.5 inches of rain here at the RV park in a 48 hour period. This was a fairly significant storm for this time of the year. We weren't really expecting it to be this wet a weekend, but for the most part we managed to stay dry. We did find however that our new rig has a leak in it. So, needless to say, Eric has another chore for around the house that he needs to take care of. I've tracked the problem down to the awning support up towards the front of the RV. So, when it dries out later this week, I'll get out my caulking gun and get things sealed up. We'll test the repair this next weekend, 'cause we are expecting more rain, for our second Halloween weekend.

Well, that is all for now. Happy camping! - Eric and Carol -