Sunday, July 11, 2010

As usuall, a busy couple of weeks

Today as I write this, it is the first 'Down day' that both of us have had in a very long time. Usually, our weekends are very busy, but we both needed some down time this weekend. I've been working on fighting problems that have arisen with the deployment of my VVIMS project at Volcano Telephone. As you may have figured from previous posts, the software I implemented will allow Volcano to offer bundles of Telephone, Cable TV, Internet and Long distance all on one bill. This has been the longest and largest project I have ever worked on. All in all I am very happy with the way the project has turned out. The project has been very stressful, especially the deployment, but I am starting to get a handle on all of the little things that have cropped up. So, having a down weekend for me, has been a wonderful thing.

Carol has started a new job this week. She is now working for Cal Fire in Sacramento as an office technician. She is in the position of the assistant to the deputy chief of the Human Relations department. She is so excited and enjoys her new job immensely. Though it is not a medical transcriptionists job, it is a job none the less. Any job in this economy, is very rewarding. I am so very proud of her for being able to land this job. In this weeks post, we see a picture of her getting ready to head off to work at her first day of her new job.

We had a neighbor here at the RV park, John Norton and his wife Linda who have just headed up to Fairbanks Alaska to help her brother run a gold mine. We are so jealous of them being able to run away and take on an adventure like this. We're hoping someday, we can take on the same sort of experience. We miss them, their 5th wheel was parked right next to ours, and they are great people. John mentioned to us one day that he had seen Wasps crawling into the vent above our refrigerator. So, one eventing I climbed up on top of the trailer and looked to see what I could see. Once I removed the top from the vent, I found a wasp nest, under the wasp guard that was about the side of a base ball. Yikes!!! So, I squirted it down with wasp spray. A day later, I cut open the vent to remove the nest. The nest was full of un-hatched eggs, I was so glad to get it out of there and seal up the opening with some new metal screening.

Earlier in the week, We celebrated the fourth of July at Cal and Joyce's house in Jackson. We had a great little family get together talking about all sorts of stuff. The hope was to get together and watch the Jackson Fireworks display, from their back yard, but alas, there was a hill in the way. None the less, we had a great family gathering. The fourth of July weekend is also a busy one here at the RV park. A number of folks decorate their RV to commemorate Independence day. We decorated too, but ours didn't hold a candle to the winning sites.
Oh yes, Carol and I have started our fourth month of the weight loss program that we started with Kaiser. The program has been working very well for us, Carol has lost 37 pounds and I have lost 39 pounds so far. This program has been wonderful for us in that we get to meet with our doctors every month or so to make sure that we are not experiencing any adverse affects of the weight loss program. We haven't missed a weekly meeting yet. We really enjoy meeting with all of the group on a regular basis. I will admit, this week I had a weak moment. I was really stressed on Friday because of some problems at work. I cheated and had a sandwich at Subway. It wasn't all bad though, I had one of their low calorie offereings. All in all, the program has been very successful for us.

Well, I guess that is about all for now. Take care and Happy Camping!

Eric and Carol