Monday, December 28, 2009

Merry Christmas!!!

Well, we have had a wonderful Christmas holiday and we hope you did too. We have had a chance to spend a lot of wonderful time with many of our family members. On Christmas day, we went and visited with Calvin, Joyce, Tish, Chris, Tori and Halie. On Christmas Day afternoon, we went to spend the evening at Brandee and Kevin's place with them and Marge. We had a wonderful dinner of Lobster which was quite a score considering we had prime rib the night before on Christmas eve with Katie and Russ.

This was just a wonderful Christmas and a great way to wrap up the year. We are looking forward to seeing in the new year, 2010, in just a couple days. The RV park is fairly empty for the Christmas Holiday, but it is starting to fill up a little bit for new years eve. There is a lot going on in Plymouth for New years this year. There is a dinner dance at the rec hall here at the park. There is a blue moon celebration complete with Fire works on new years eve at the county fair grounds which is right next door to the RV park. There is a large group here at the rv park that has hung all sorts of lights in the surrounding trees that really make this section of the park look nice and stand out.
We hope that all of you have a wonderful and safe new years eve and day. We'll update the blog once we cross into the new year.
Merry Christmas and Happy New year!

Eric and Carol

Friday, December 25, 2009

Happy Holidays everyone!!!

Hi there everyone, well, I have to apologize that it has been a while since I updated the blog, but I’m sure you all have been too busy too take much time to read our blog either. We have been very busy getting ready for our first Christmas while living full time in the Cougar and we couldn’t be happier. Every new adventure that we undertake living in the RV comes off just swimmingly as they say. We managed to complete all of our Christmas shopping for ourselves and Katie and Russ and of course the dogs and still have managed to hide things from one another before the big day.

We attended the Beauty Emporium Christmas party and had an absolutely wonderful time with Brandee, Kevin, Daniel and all of the girls and their spouses from the shop. The gift exchange was full of excitement and everyone had a great time. Brandee, her mom Sandy, and in fact everyone did a wonderful job contributing to a wonderful buffet of food.

On Christmas Eve, Carol and I hosted Katie and Russ for a dinner of Prime rib. Carol once again prepared a wonderful meal with her little oven that has proven that even though it is small in size, it is big in ability to prepare even the finest meal. The Prime rib and twice baked potatoes were wonderful.

I’ll try to post another blog in a day or so after the Christmas celebration winds down.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Winter is here!

Well, I have to apologize for it being such a long time since I have updated the family blog. I'm working on my second book, and just don't have a lot of spare time on my hands. None the less, I know I needed to take a few minutes to update you on what has been going on with us.

Well, for starters, as I indicated, I've started my second book. I'm hoping to have it done in time for a RV rally in Yuma Arizona in March. It is a book on Microsoft Office. That seems to be the topic of interest with those that already know how to use their computers, so I'm working diligently on that new book.

We had a great Thanksgiving celebration. We had dinner on Thanksgiving at Brandee and Kevins house. It was a wonderful celebration with 15 of us for dinner. On the Friday after Thanksgiving, we had dinner at Billy and Loretta's place in Pioneer. Sincere thanks has to be sent out to Carols sister Sandy for putting together 80 percent of the food at both evenings. On Saturday, Karen and Mike arrived in Plymouth on the last leg of their north American tour in their Safari Motor home. All in all, they covered about 12,000 miles in almost 4 months. Check out their adventures at .
Since thanksgiving, the world around us has been springing up with Christmas decorations and snow, down to the elevation of Sacramento no less!!! This morning, the outside temperature was 26 degrees at 6:00 AM. Thank goodness we got the pipes wrapped up.
With my employers company Christmas part behind us, we are going to have to start doing some Christmas shopping. But first, I have one more gig as Santa Paws at our local Petco. I've had a great chance to meet a lot of great pooches so far and am looking forward to another day of doing some fuzzing up!

Well, I gotta get some work done on my book now, so I have to run. Have a great holiday season and I'll try to get another update in before the end of the year.
Happy camping! - Eric and Carol Anderson -