Sunday, March 17, 2013

March Motorhome Modification and Maintenance Madness Part 2

Starting with Friday the 8th of March, we began the process of getting the tops of the Front, back and sides of the motorhome repainted. Anyone who has seen our motorhome in the past knows that our Rig is really beautiful, but many of the Allegro Buses that are of our vintage, has problem of blistering and pealing of the paint at the top of the coach. So, we set out over a year ago to get bids on what it would cost to get the rig painted. One of the bids was as high as $10,000. However, we found Performance Color RV in Sacramento that would paint it for about $2,700 which was much more along the lines of what we expected.

 Below are a couple of before and after pictures of the rig.

Also, here is a video showing the rig while it was at Performance Color RV.

Of course, when we got the rig painted, we couldn't be in the rig. So, we talked to Performance Color RV about if we disappeard for the weekend how that might work. We agreed that if we dropped the rig off Friday morning, it would be done by the end of the day on Tuesday. Well, it turned out that on Sunday the 10th of March, the family would be getting together to celebrate Mike Wraights 65th Birthday as well as Chuck's wife Terri's birthday. We didn't want to miss out on all of this celebration, so we thought we would head up for a visit.

As always,  Karen and Mike were wonderful hosts during our visit up there.

Mike and Karen have also been preparing for the longest RV trip of their lives. They are taking a trip Georgia, then Conneticut and then to Alaska. This trip is expected to take 6 months! In preparation for this trip, they had their own list of things that needed to be done on their motorhome before they could hit the road. So, while we were in Oregon, we helped with the following list of their own "March Motorhome Maintenance and Modification Madness" Items: Replace the water pump, bring a recliner into the rig, install floor molding, fix the water line that feeds the shower head, install plastic sheeting for the spare tire area and replace the straps used to tie down the window awnings.

With all of their RV work completed and the birthday celebration completed, we headed home from Oregon on Tuesday morning and the rig was ready for us when we got there just as promised.

Now the only things we have left that needs to be done on our rig is getting the dash air conditioner and a few other items repaired by Folsom Lake RV. That will wrap up our March Motorhome Modification and Maintenance madness. We'll keep you posted on this as well!

Happy Camping! Eric and Carol

Saturday, March 16, 2013

The video of the entertainment center upgrade

Hi there everyone,

Here is the video of what was involved in upgrading the TV cabinet in the front of the RV from our 29" tube style TV to the 32" TV. Not only does this TV have a slightly larger viewing area, but it has a digital receiver that pulls in 32 over-the-air digital channels and it uses a whole lot less energy than the old tv.

Happy camping! - Eric and Carol -

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

March Motorhome Modification and Maintenance Madness Part 1

Hi thre everyone,

Well, for the month of March, we aren't going any where in the motorhome, but the motorhome is going to see plenty of activity. We took out a 401K loan of about $3,000.00 so we could get some work done on the Motorhome. We will be getting some painting done and some work done based on the Extended Warranty that we purchased when we bought the motorhome.

One of the things we also wanted to do was upgrade the TV in the Motorhome. This is what the old TV looked like...

But, in order to do that, we needed to modify the cabinet that the TV is mounted in. The new TV is 6 and a half inches shorter than the old TV. Also, it will be about 50 pounds lighter.

And this is what the end result looks like.

So, not only did we save 50 pounds of weight on the rig, but now we've improved the view out the front window! :-)

Stay tuned to the blog, after we finish all the work that is being done, we'll continue to update the Blog and eventually put together a movie about it.

Happy Camping! Eric and Carol