Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas to all!!!

Hi there Everyone,

Just wanted to take a moment to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas. We were so lucky to have so many of our family join us for dinner on Christmas eve. We were joined by Brandee and Kevin McCann, Marge O'neil (Kevins Mom), Daniel (Kevins Daughter), and by Sandy and Bill Ealy. We had plenty of food for everyone.
We were especially lucky that Katie and Russ were able to make the trip from Elk Grove to join us. They spent the night here, so we could empty our stockings together on Christmas morning. Thanks guys! You are the greatest!

We hope that for each and every one of you that read this, that you and your family have a safe and happy holiday season.

A week from now, Carol and I will find our selves joining Karen and Mike in Redbluff California for new years eve! Take care all!

Love Eric, Carol, Katie, Russ, Roxy, Lilly, Tyson, Spot, Angle and Cat Man

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

It's winter time!

Well, my favorite time of year has arrived, Winter time! Though it is not officially winter yet, it sure feels like it has arrived here in Amador County!!! The lows are down into the 20's at night here and we have gotten a good amount of snow for the 2300 foot level!

We are starting into the holiday season. With Thanksgiving a memory, we are now into the Christmas party time of the year. The Volcano Christmas part was held on the 6th of December and Katie is getting to attend her first 'Company' Christmas party this next weekend on the 20th. Carol and Katie went and had lunch yesterday on Katies day off. It sounds like Katie and Russ have done a great job of getting their new place set up. As is the case with any new home, the visitors are coming with great frequency. Last weekend, it was some of Russ's friends and his mom that came to visit. Katies dad is going for a visit this weekend. I'm hoping, Carol and I will get a chance to visit them and take them out to dinner soon.

Roxy amazingly enough is still with us. Though she was diagnosed back in the summer with an in-operable tumor at the base of her stomach, she is still going strong. She has her good days and her bad, but at this point she still instigates play and seems to be having a decent quality of life.

We finally have an implementation date on the Telesphere 6.0 software. This date was mandated by a combination of the Volcano Strategic Planning Committee as well as by the fact that Telesphere wants to start billing us for supporting my testing of their software. I know in my gut that the software is not fully tested and there are some parts of the software that are not in working order, but I'm not the one calling the shots on this project, so I just have to hope for the best. Wish me luck!

Happy Camping! - Eric-

Monday, December 8, 2008

Happy 19th Birthday Katie

Hi there Everyone,

Today is Katies 19th Birthday and she has grown up so fast into a wonderful young lady. And so much has happened recently in her life. She has started a new job at an Optometrist in Elk Grove and she and her boyfriend Russ have moved out into their own place in South Sacramento in an area they call 'The Pocket'. They have a nice little upstairs one-bedroom apartment that is a perfect starter for them. It has been a very busy weekend for our entire family.

It actually started last Thursday with taking about three pickup-truck loads down to the new apartment with the help of Russ's dad, Ralph who actually took two of the loads. We then followed up with a fourth load on Saturday delivering Grandpa Calvins TV and a few other needed furniture items. Sunday, we celebrated Katies birthday at the Sutter Creek Palace where Katie got some Fillet Minion. Her birthday cake was actually her favorite Banana Cream Pie made by Margaret Anderson at the local eatery, 'Sierra House'. Don't blame Margaret for the appearance of the pie in the picture, we had already had candles in the pie and such.

Carol and I are both so proud of Katie and what she has accomplished this year. She got her Highschool diploma, moved out on her own, ahhhh, it has been a busy one for her. We love you Katie, we are very glad we get to be part of your life!

Happy Birthday, Love Mom and Eric

Friday, December 5, 2008

Happy 60th Birthday my dear sister Karen

Hi there everyone,

Please join me in wishing my sister Karen Wraight a very happy and healthy 60th birthday. Karen has been a wonderful sister to me. She has been one of those people in my life that I have always thought about when it came to making decisions in my life like... "What would Karen do...". She and her husband Mike have always been there for me when times were tough and they have helped me to shape my life in only the most positive of ways.

I am so thankful for the sister that I have in my life. There are so many things about her that I love. She has such compasion for people, but she has a certain frankness as well. She has always been the shoulder to cry on, but when there is something I need to 'own' as far as responsibility is concerned, she's always let me know. And you know what, I'm good with that.

I so wish that Carol and I could have been in Oregon to join Karen for her 60th birthday this year, but with Katie moving, it just isn't in the cards. I'm really bummed, 'cause I remember looking at the calendar a year ago, thinking, 'Oh boy, her birthday is on a weekend next year...' but sometimes life has other plans.

Happy birthday sis. I love you so much. I hope you have a wonderful birthday and we can't wait to see you in January.

Take care and remember we love you so very much! Eric, Carol, Katie and Russ too!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Happy Birthday Chadderbug

Hi there everyone,

Today is Chad (Chadderbug) Wrights 13th birthday. The Wrights have been family friends since Katie was in elementary school. We've watched Chad grow up before our eyes. He is now a bright teenager with a lot of Potential to do great things.

Thanks Chad for having us over for birthday dinner and Cake last night. Enjoy your Birthday and your Birthday Cash.

Happy birthday from our house to yours!

Love Eric, Carol, Katie and Russ

Friday, November 28, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to One and All

Hi there everyone,

We're hoping that this Thankgiving Blog finds you spending time with your Family at the beginning of the holiday season. For Thanksgiving dinner last night we found our selves at our neices 'Brandee' and her husband 'Kevin'. There were the consument Hosts with the Mosts last night. We enjoyed our gathering of about 10 of us. A special guest appearance was done by Brandee's dad 'Richard Conner'. I've heard of this man for the entire 10 years that Carol and I have been together, but I've never had a chance to meet the man. However, now, I have met him and it was in deed a pleasure to do so.

Tonight, the Friday after Thanksgiving we will be fortunate enough to have 15 of us at the dinner table tonight. It will almost be a like a mini-family reunion! I am so thankful for the wonderful wife that I have in Carol. I am very fortunate to have the extended family that I do in a wonderful step daughter Katie, her Boyfriend Russ, a great sister Karen and her husband Mike. Mike has been in my life almost as far back in my life as I can remember. He tought me to ride a bike and to swim among many other things. Thanks Mike for being a great Brother (in-law) to me. Carols family has been so wonderful to me. From her dad Calvin, God rest his soul, her sister Sandy and her husband Bill. Carols Brother Calvin and his wife Joyce. Brother Billy and his wife Loretta and their son Brandon.

Thank you everone one of you for a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday. Happy Holidays to all. I hope yours is a happy and safe Holiday season. Best wishes and Love! - Eric -

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Life is simple, enjoy it

As I prepare for another day at the grind of testing a software application that I'm really starting to dread, I remember that there are the simple things in life that I need to enjoy. First and foremost, I am so lucky to have the wife that I do. She is so supportive and loving. She is always ready to listen when I need someone to talk to. She is always ready with the hug and kiss that I need to make all of the days problems fade away. She is my soul mate and I am so lucky to have her in my life. Carol, thank you for being my wife! I love you so very much.

We have three dogs and they are always around Carol and I. Even when we go out in the RV, they travel with us. Dogs are such special creatures. They don't want for the material things that us humans do. They travel so light. All they need is the fur on their back, a little food and water and lots and lots of love. I think that is why Carol and I love taking them in the RV with us. They are comfortable any where, as long as we are with them.

I'm sure you've read in the past that Carol and I believe that 'less is more'. Dogs really are the epitome of that statement. But, I don't think that Carol and I will ever be traveling quite that light.

Katie is also growing up to be such a wonderful young lady. It is such a joy when you get to see your child and your self survive the 'terrors' of the teenage years and see that there is hope that your child will get into a successful career.

Life really can be simple if we just let it be. I really do enjoy my life with our three dogs and my family by my side. Thank you all of you for being there for me. Love - Eric-

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

It's a brave new country we have

This morning we wake up to find that our nation has elected its first President who is of African American decent. Though Carol and I voted for Barack and were hopeful that he would win, I think the greater joy is to see how much our Nation has grown up, just in our life time.

We are so encouraged to see that our nation had the strength and courage to break with tradition and elect an African American to it's highest office. We are both liberal minded when it comes to most national issues, and Barack seemed like a natural fit for us. It is the first time that we went so far as to put a sign up in our front lawn. The irony of it is, because we lost our house earlier this year, the house we are in now, isn't ours, it's our land Lords.

None the less, we are very proud and hopeful for our nation. I also hope that this chain of events will allow our nation to really get past some of the Racism that still exists. Some of it real, some of it in minds of those who think they are oppressed when maybe they really are not. In our nation, if you work hard enough, trust in those around you, you can accomplish anything you so desire.

It is a great day for the United States of America and we have a brand new future ahead of us!

Happy Camping! - Eric -

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Happy Halloween

Hi there everyone,

We have completed our annual trip to the spook fest at the Far Horizons 49 Trailer village resort in Plymouth. We had a great time once again this year. Despite fuel prices being almost a dollar more than they were last year, there was an exceptional turn out. Though the campsites have always been sold out every year that we have been to this event, this year, I think they had a larger turn out of kids. There were a number of folks out Friday night checking out everyones sites. There was also a greater turn out than normal at the Sunday morning Boo Berry Pancakes feast. I'm thinking lots of folks went for the Bargain Breakfast considering the economy and all.
We met some great folks once again this year. There was a very nice older couple that just kind of stopped through for the night on Friday night and decided to stay the entire weekend when they saw all of the festivities going on.
While we were camping we had visits from Scott and Cheryl as well as their son Chad and a friend. We also had a visit from Kevin and his Daughter Daniel and her friend Hannah!
We upped our candy ration from last year. We went from 5 bags to 7, and it still was not enough. There were a lot of kids out 'Trick or Treating' again this year, more than in years past we think. There were a lot of creative sites, but one that was missing was the Family with three girls doing surgery with a lot of screaming going on!

All in all, everyone had a great time. Thanks to the folks at Far Horizons, for a wonderful event.

Happy camping! - Eric -

Friday, October 17, 2008

Ah, my honey had a birthday

Well, on Thursday of this last week, the love of my life turned 47. Though, I'm 46, she isn't too much of a cradle robber, I will be turning 47 in February, but enough about me. Carol had a wonderful birthday celebration over the last couple of days. First thing that morning, she and I went to my office to get our annual flu shot. Then, I took her to Sierra house, a local establishment so that she could have her favorite Breakfast, linguisa and eggs. :-) She then went down to the Beauty Emporium to get a cut and a color. For dinner, we went to Her sister Sandy's for a delicious Lasagna dinner. (Thanks so much sis, the food was great!). We then topped the night off with a birthday cake made by your truly! Please join me in wishing my honey a very happy birthday!

Happy Camping! - Eric -

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Life beyond the Cattle guard is calling

We've lived up here in the sierra foothills as a family for 10 years. Katie, our daughter is on the verge of turning 19 and more than likely before her 19th birthday, she is preparing to set out on her own, with her trusty Russell at her side. She has decided she wants to take a new job in El Dorado Hills. There is a position for her as a Optimetrical Assistant at a practice there.

We are so very proud of her. She has grown up so much as a young lady in the last couple of years. Though kids and their parents always have their 'Go arounds', and we are no different, she really wants to be independent. She is concerned about things like is there going to be enough income to pay for all the out go. I think she puts more thought in to this today than I did when I was starting out on my own, moving from Southern California to the Bay area.

Sure, Carol and I worry about if they are ready, if they will have enough money and all of those sorts of things, but at some point, you have to just go do it. This new job really will be a good thing for Katie as it will allow her to have more worldly experiences than she can have in our little secluded part of Amador County. Don't get me wrong. For the most part, Amador County was a good place for Katie to be raise. They have good schools, safe neighborhoods and reasonable cost of living. But it doesn't have much in the way of moderate to high paying jobs available. Also, not many employers in Amador County offer benifits. These are all things that moving to the Sacramento Area will be more plentiful for her and Russ as they move on to their next part of their life. As for all of us when we first moved out, it will be scarey and challenging, but it will be a good thing for them. As we all know, their learning of 'Life' has just begun!

We will be sad to see them go, but we are so very proud of them. Stay posted! Happy Camping! - Eric -

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Two reunions and a budding idea

Well, this summer, Carol and I, while in our RV attended two reunions so to speak. One, was of old Kingsmen family that my sister Karen and I, to a lesser degree, were involved in for years. Then there was Carols family re-union. At both events, the topics of computers came up in one, way, shape or form and in all the cases, a recurring theme came up. That I should help people with their computers. Well, I kind of already do that, but it became obvious to me that there are a lot of RV'ers out there in this world who need a resource to turn to in order to help them to better understand their computers.

There are a number of approaches I could take in this regard. I could start doing seminars at some of the local RV parks, but what topics should I cover; how in depth should I go? So many questions so few answers. What I need to do is sort out my thoughts. So, I decided by starting to write a book for my audience.

One of the things I do a lot of at my job is documentation. I don't do a bad job at it. I'm not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but I do a fair job. And, all in all, I don't mind doing it. It allows me to put my thoughts to paper, for posterity so to speak.

So, I have started. Currently I'm working on the introduction and I clearly have a long way to go, but since money is tight and the economy is in the dumper right now, we can't afford to RV every weekend as we would like to, so this will give me something to occupy my time with, in a constructive fashion.

Stay tuned and Happy camping! - Eric -

Monday, October 13, 2008

The daily grind

Hi there all,

Well, things aren't as bad as the title might imply, but the summer fun is over and we are returning to the 'Daily Grind', so to speak. As you can see by reading previous entries into the blog, our summer has been a very busy one with our trip to the Pacific Northwest as well as the family reunion. We are now almost finding our selves looking for something to do, or a better way to say it is, we are forcing our selves to slow down our pace a little bit, 'cause the summer was so hecktic, but enjoyable, for a large portion of it.

We are all doing fine. That includes the two legged and four legged members of our family. Roxy continues to surprise Carol and Myself that she is still with us. We really didn't think she would make it to the trip through the northwest not to mention survive it, but she is a tough girl and she continues to be active with the other dogs and ever vigillant about the goings on around the house.

Carol has completed her mid-term for her studies in the field of Medical transcription. She only missed 1 question out of 100, so we are all very proud of her. She is about 4 months into the schooling and half way through the studies. She will have an un-paid internship after she completes her studies to help her finish her abiltiy to 'Get up to speed' as a Medical Transcribing Professional, but we know she will do great.

I am making headway on my Telesphere 6.0 implementation. With every new version that I get from the folks in Montana, we get a little closer to a product that will work for our needs. At the same time, I'm working on a replacement to a program that I wrote some time ago, that the company uses to manage the DSL customers. The new version will be more tightly integrated with the Telesphere Software. We have heard some rumblings from Vendors that compete with Telesphere that they are on the way out of the Telephone Billing software business, but they continue to answer the phones and respond to our problems, so at least at this point, they are still in business. We hope so, 'cause we really don't have any other option any way.

Well, that is about it for now. Take care all and stay tuned. In a couple weeks we will head to Plymouth for our annual pilgrimage to the Halloween Festivities at their RV park there.

Happy Camping! - Eric -

Monday, October 6, 2008

The Waite family reunion Part 2

The 2008 Waite family reunion was a rousing success this year. The weather on Saturday turned out to be glorious. It was a little cloudy in the morning which helped to keep the temperature reasonable so no one got overheated during the events.

The first event of the day was the egg and spoon race. Sandy Ealy won this event over all other competitors.

The next event was the Water balloon toss. Eric and Todd Waite teamed up to be able to heave their balloon the farthest with out busting it.

Kim Medford and Brandee McCann won in their efforts to beat all others in the three legged sack race.

Sandy Ealy headed up the team of 'Lead Bottoms' to win in the 'Tug of war'.

Eric and Bill Waite won in the Horse shoe Tournament.

There was wonderful food for dinner on Saturday night and as always, Kevin McCann served as Family DJ.

Many voiced an interest in attending a reunion again next year at the same place. The folks at the KOA were very helpful during the weekend and made all of our efforts that much easier.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

The fun has begun!!!

Hi there everyone,

Greatings from the 2008 Waite family reunion. Well, the majority of the family arrived Friday and everyone is having a rip roaring time already. We had a great gathering at the Fire last night with lots of great conversation. We are happy that so many have been able to attend. We're hoping for a few late arrivales today to help round out the celebration.

The morning today will start with various games culminating the the Tribal goblets being awarded to the winners of the horse shoe tournament. There will also be an informal Potato Salad competition 'cause so many members brought Potato salad as a side dish. There is a also a special celebration that will be at the end of the evening as well, but you'll have to stay tuned and check in later to find out what it was! :-)

Have a great day and Happy camping!

Friday, October 3, 2008

The Waite family reunion Part 1

Hi there everyone,

Well a few of us intrepid campers have started to establish the site for the Waite Family reunion. The early arrivals were Calvin and Joyce on Wednesday, Mike and Theresa Nigro and Theresas mom Shirley on Thursday night and the rest of the clan will start to arrive early Friday morning. We have a full schedule planned for this weekend with the games and stuff taking place on Saturday morning, weather permitting. There is a ampetheater that we can hold some events in if the weather gets too wet, but we'll have to wait and see what happens. The attached video shows the campground before the campers arrive.

Happy camping! - Eric-

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Another busy week

Hi there all,
Sorry, no pictures this week to add to the old blog, but have a look after the 6th of October 'cause the WAITE family reunion is next weekend and our Ace photographer will be taking pictures of all the weekends festivities.
This week, Carol and I both returned to our respective grinds with busy evenings almost every night. I continue to test Telesphere version 6.0. I have yet another new version that I am testing. The primary focus being the reports. There were several problems with the reports that are in this latest version (or build) and so I have once again forwarded them off to the vendor for their work to repair them.
Carol has returned to her studies with a vengeance and seems to be getting caught up on her Medical Transcription training.
Karen and Mike were in town this weekend, so we have been getting together with them and the Wrights on a couple of occasions.
This weekend we are going to make our annual pilgrimage to the Fall RV show and also to Tower park to finalize arraignments for the Family reunion.
Have a great week! Happy Camping! - Eric-

Monday, September 22, 2008

A little more from Lake Tahoe

Well, we had another fun filled day on Sunday in Lake Tahoe, I took Monday off of work to spend some more time with my sister, Mike and the rest of the group. We had a wonderful day going to Valhalla and then just some relaxing around camp. We also got in a run to the Bijou Dog park on Lyons Ave

There was a little excitement the other night when somehow, the door to Tom and Mary's Trailer got locked with the keys inside. Good Sam Emergency Roadside assistance came to the rescue and got them back into the RV within just a few minutes. AAA said they couldn't help them, but Good Sam found a lock smith that would come out and open the door.

Carol and I headed home today and I return to work tomorrow. Both of us has a wonderful weekend and once again just really love every minute we spend in the RV. Happy Camping! - Eric-

Sunday, September 21, 2008

After a week at home, we're on the road again

Well, after being home for a week, getting caught up on a couple chores (not many though) at the house, we are on the road again. This time we are hooking up with My sister Karen and my favorite brother-in-law Mike as well as their friends from the Drum Corps days Tom and Linda Sheboygan (sorry for the spelling guys), Tom and Mary Trana and last but not least, Robert and Maggie Buckley. A lot of these names I remember from when I was growing up as a kid back in the late 60's. Brings back very fond memories.

Yes, we did have to return to reality for a week. I returned to you duties as chief tester and documenter for the Telesphere 6.0 billing software upgrade. As I have indicated earlier, this is new software for generating our Telephone bills (and eventually Cable Bills) for our customers in Amador county. Carol returned to her studies in Medical transcription.

This weekend though has been an absolute blast hanging out with all of these fellow RVers, sharing some great food and hanging out at the campfire. We also had a very nice day walking around in the redeveloped shopping areas in the Lake Tahoe area. A number of our meals have been hosted by a different rig each meal. We had Chicken Alfreado, Brotworst, Breakfast casserole with all sorts of good stuff in it. I can't wait to see what our dinner consists of tonight!

Everyone has gotten along so well on this trip; it has been great to see everyone laughing and having such a good time. This is what RVing is all about.

Oh yes, we are staying at campground by the Lake, in Lake Tahoe. This is a wonderful campground. Large sites with limited hookups. With the ambiance and the company though, we are having a wonderful time! Thanks everyone! Happy Camping!

Monday, September 15, 2008

We're home

We arrived at home Sunday afternoon around 5:15 PM. We had a marvelous vacation. The best I have ever had. We got to see so many wonderful things and meet so many wonderful people. We've talked to a number of folks at the various campgrounds we stayed at and were surprised how many live full time in the fifth wheel trailers, called full-timers. We came home from this trip really wishing we could join this group of folks who live and work in their RV's 'cause the responsibility of taking care of what they call their 'Stick and brick' house was requiring more work than they wanted to put into it.

Since we have lost our home as did many early this year, we are now renting a place. We are paying for a place that will never be ours. We work to maintain a place that will never be ours, 'cause it belongs to the 'Land Lord'. We hold no animosity towards our land lord, we are glad they had a place for us to move into. None the less, we have felt for the last 7 years, that less is more. But, for now, we need to keep a place for Katie to be safe until she gets moved out on her own. After that however, if we can figure out a way to full time and keep the bills paid, we might very well do this. Most fulltimers have jobs, so it is not like Carol and I won't be working, but all of the people we talked to who are full timers, are a very happy lot, and we would love to join them. But, it will take a while to get there. For now, we're home and getting back to life as normal.

Happy Camping! - Eric -

Saturday, September 13, 2008

The trip home so far

Hi there Everyone,

Well, we're checking in from a brand new RV park in Red Bluff California. We spent last night in the parking lot of a Home Depot in Roseburg Oregon. We got an early start yesterday out of Warrenton Oregon and headed south on 101 to Tillamook. We got to take a tour of the cheese factory down there. After we finished with the tour, we had some lunch and then headed east to Salem oregon and then south to Roseburg. We were hoping to spend the night at the Walmart, but they had plenty of signs indicating this was a no no, so we headed over to the local Home Depot where they said we were more than welcome to spend the night there.

As soon as we got up this morning, we headed south to Red Bluff. We headed down through Lake Shasta on I-5 and were shocked to see how far down Lake Shasta has been drawn or how baren Mount Shasta is now. If you think Global warming is a farce, all you gotta do is look at this area and see that it is the truth.
We found a great brand new RV park called the 'Durango RV Resort'. They have a great facility here. This location has everything you could want as an RVer this day. We got a chance to get caught on Laundry and take a quick dip in the pool and hot tub. We can't wait to come back to this RV park sometime in the future.

We will be heading home on our final leg in the morning. We are only about 3 hours from home, but we are ready to hit the road tomorrow if we could and continue our adventures in the RV. Hey, the good news is, we get to go camping again next weekend. We are going to Lake Tahoe. So, we'll hopefully check in with our next adventures soon.

Happy camping! - Eric -

Thursday, September 11, 2008

The final blog of this trip?

Hi there everyone, this may be the last blog of this trip until we get home this weekend. We don't know if we will have any wifi before we get home. I am authoring this blog entry as I have many times while we are sitting at camp. Many times because of the short amount of time Starbucks allows you to access the internet, I find it more efficient to type in camp and then later upload it to the web.

Today, we pretty much laid low at camp. We played a game of Scrabble as we watched the maintenance crews scurry around cleaning up campsites that were vacated early this morning. It amazes me how many folks were here on a Wednesday night and left on a Thursday morning, but I guess that is just the way things worked out.

Yesterday morning we both got an early start. I had a 8:00 appointment to get the window on the truck repaired, during which, Carol was on the internet working on her studies. After the window was fixed we went back to Astoria and checked out the 'Astoria Column'. This is the highest point in Astoria Oregon. You can see everything from there. We then went and had some great Pizza lunch at a little place called 'Fultons'. From the outside it looked kind of dark and dingy, but using the RVer's rule 'that if you see a lot of cars at an establishment, the food must be good' as our guide, we ventured in without fear. The Pizza and salad bar was great. After Lunch, we knocked out three Geocaches in the Astoria area. I was surprised there were so few in the actual 'Downtown' area. I really thought there would be one at the 'Astoria Column' but they must not have gotten approval from the Park management for one. Oh well.

After we finished our third Geocache, we had just enough time to make it to the last tour of 'Fort Stevens' for the day. The folks who conducted the tour were camping in the sight right next to ours at the campground. They were a very nice couple from Billings Montana who come here every year to conduct the tour. The tour it self cost $4 each and lasted about an hour and a half. It was a wonderful tour of the Gun Batteries (or installations) that are here at the fort. There was another tour that was a truck tour that we could have taken, but we'll have to save that for another trip. It was interesting to find out that this is the only military installation on the Continental US that was fired upon by the Japanese back in World War II. The interesting part is that the Base didn't fire back 'cause they wanted to see if there was just one target or multiple targets before engaging. As it turned out, the lone Japanese submarine only fired a half dozen rounds and then left port. The Japenese commander returned after the end of the war and indicated that he was 'Just harassing the locals' the Japanese didn't even know there was a fort here. The base has been here since the Civil war, so I find that amazing to hear.

We are far from ready to head home. It is hard to believe that as of today, we have been on the road two full weeks. We aren't making each other crazy, the dogs aren't crowding us out of our trailer or anything like that. We only wish that we would have had more time in each place and been less rushed. Also, if we could have scored wifi without having to go look for it, that would have been nice too. But, we have found that we weren't really in want of anything in the way of material possessions on this trip, so we were very comfortable in the trailer. All of the little enhancements I have done to the trailer over the previous months have worked out really well and held up really well.

Our trip home will take us down the Oregon coast through Tillamook to Florence Oregon, inland to Eugene Oregon and then south on the I-5 until we get home. We'll probably spend Friday night in Eugene and Saturday night in Redding. If I get a chance to update the blog from the road I will, so check in when you get a chance, but if not, I'll update it again on Sunday when we get home.
P.S. Take a look at the blog from the other day when we headed from Issaquah to Warrenton. I've added a video Carol took of me while we waited in traffic.
Take care! Happy camping! - Eric-

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Some of the campsites we've stayed at

The following are some of the campsites we've stayed at on this trip.

The Walmart in Yreka California

The Walmart in Cottage Grove Oregon

The Olde Stone Village in McMinnville Oregon

The Blue Sky RV Park in Issaquah Oregon

The Fort Stevens Campground in Warrenton Oregon

Carol and I found that we don't care much for the older RV Parks like Blue Sky. Our favorite parks are ones that have atleast Water, Electric and Sewer and we can have a Fire at night. If we have that we're good. But, we both really enjoy the excitement of boondocking as well.

Well, I guess that is about all for now. Happy camping! - Eric-