Saturday, August 28, 2010

I've been a bad boy again...

Yes, I've been a bad boy, it's been over a month since I have updated the blog. You know we just get so busy some times and there are always other things we can do and I just don't get around to the blog. But really, there just isn't that much that is exciting to report some times. But now with both of us working, we are on the 'Go' a lot. Saturdays and Sundays are the only days for doing 'Fun' things and so life just flys by. But enough about that, I know what you want, you want an update!!!
Well the biggest news is probably the weight loss program. Well, it has been going really well for both Carol and I. We started the program back in April and we have both lost in excess of 50 pounds! I'm still off of my Blood pressure and Cholesterol meds. Carol is off her Blood pressure and Diabetes meds, but she is back on her Cholesterol meds. The reason for that is because her cholesterol appears to be hereditary, not diet related. :-( But that's ok, she reports that she feels so much better than she did 6 months ago and that is what is so important!!!

Carol also loves her job working for Cal-Fire. She is the secretary to 8 supervisors so there is always something to do. And, there is always a variety of things to do as well!!! She really enjoys everyone that she works with and the location of the office. Her commute is almost an hour, but there isn't much stop and go so she's fine with the drive.

As I got up this morning I heard the wind blowing and I thought to myself, "Oh Cool, lets go check on the weather station!". For Fathers day, Carol got me the coolest little weather station. It comes with an anemometer, Rain gauge and indoor and outdoor temperature sensors. It reports everything either to the TV or to the computer. The only drag is that it stops working all together if you turn off the computer. So, I just leave it un-connected from the computer and we change to our "Weather Channel" when ever we are interested in seeing the specifics on what is happening outside.
We recently went to camping world and found a great water filter for our RV. It is a Campco water filter. It is larger than the ones you get at Walmart. This one has a replaceable cartridge. The water that comes out of it is very clean and tastes great. We've stopped going and getting bottled water every week because of this new filter. We just love it!

We haven't been anywhere with the trailer for a while, but now that Carol has a job, we're hoping that we can afford to get out a little more often. We did take a day trip last weekend down to the town of Columbia which is south of us, but north of Yosemite. That was a cool day trip. It is a cool little town that was built in the Gold Rush days. Considering the down economy that we are in, it was great to see all of the Activity that was going on. Lots of people wandering the streets and checking out the stores. I had the first Ice Cream cone since April, it was very yummy, but I had gotten to a point where I didn't want any more ice cream before I was actually done with it. :-)

We also got together with Carols niece Brandee and her husband Kevin for breakfast last Sunday. With Carol having a job, she hasn't been able to get together with her sister Sandy and Brandee like she use to. Brandee sold her shop the 'Beauty Emporium' to a stylist that rented a space from Brandee and the business is doing quite well. Brandee is now a stylist with a station at the Beauty emporium and really doing a nice job of establishing a clientele. :-)

Carol's other niece, Shanon, has appeared in a magazine that focuses on dogs and dog training. Shannon and her daughter Kammy appear in many shots in the magazine and now, at least in the dog world, are quite famous! We are so proud of them! :-) The magazine picture included in the blog is of Kammy and her Pit bull. Carol and I both love Pit bulls by the way. At our local animal shelter where I walk dogs on sunday's we normally have over 50% of our population being Pit bulls or Pit Bull mixes. I'm happy to report that 98% of them are great dogs and very eager for me to visit them on any given Sunday.

Well, I guess that is about all for now. Next weekend will be Carol's and my 12th wedding anniversary. We are going away to Olema (north of San Francisco) for the labor day weekend. So, check the blog in a week or so for updates of our trip to Olema. Take care and Happy Camping! - Eric -