Sunday, April 10, 2011

Greetings from our new digs

Hi there one and all,

Greetings from our new digs in Rancho Cordova California. We have relocated our home base from Plymouth (in Amador County California) about 30 miles down the road to Rancho Cordova (Sacramento County California). Our move, at this point, was pretty much justified by the fact that the rent is substantially less here in Sacramento then in Amador county. We cut our rent in half, although the rent at the new location doesn't include electricity. We expect even though we will have to pay electricity, we should be able to save about $400 a month on living expenses. :-)

Our new location isn't quite as fancy as our old one, but of the some 12 or so that we looked at in Sacramento, this is the one that would allow us our 3 medium size dogs, and was a fairly clean location. There were a lot of dives in this region, and all of the nicer parks didn't allow dogs over 20 pounds, and Carol and I would have had to been over the age of 55.

There is a little bit of noise at night from the Light rail station just across the street, but it reminds us of many other KOA's and other camp grounds that we have stayed at over the years. :-) We've now been here an entire week and even Friday and Saturday nights were fairly un-eventful. There are less than 40 spots in this Park, but half of them have dogs, all of which are over 20 pounds, and most of the residents are under the age of 55. So, it's obvious where all of us in our current demographic end up gravitating towards. The three dogs and our cat all continue to take it in stride. As far as they are concerned, as long as we come home at night from work and feed them, they are good to go!

Katie and Russ came by and visited for a few hours today which was wonderful! That is going to be one of the great things about living down here. We'll be much closer to get together for a visit. But, neither Carol or I want to be a bother too them by invading their space, and we are thinking we are just far enough away to accomplish that. :-)

We also added some out door furniture to our new home, so we are looking forward to having some nice quiet and relaxing weekends going forward.

Our next trip will be to the Northern California Samboree, at the Lodi Grape festival grounds, the last week in April.

Happy Camping! Eric and Carol

Sunday, April 3, 2011

What a wonderful trip to Coarsegold

Hi there everyone,

Well, it is almost time to pull up stakes and head back to our new Long term parking spot, but more about that in a later post. For now, we have had a wonderful four day weekend here at Park Sierra in Coarsegold California. The weekend started with me working from 6 to 3 on Wednesday and then driving the Honda home, hooking it up solo to our trusty Motorhome and heading off to Sacramento to pick up Carol and then heading to Park Sierra. This is a wonderful RV park and we are both really glad that we have become Escapee members.

While we were here, we were hoping to make it to Kings Canyon and to Sequia National park, but the roads are still closed for the winter. It has been a pretty nasty winter here this year. So, we have just been kind of bouncing around the Madera County area, just kind of checking things out. We saw a wonderful KOA here in Coarsegold that we would stay at if we weren't already Escapee's members. We took the dogs to a couple of dog parks so they could get out and stretch their legs. We also found Eddie, the wood sign guy who is making us a new 'The Andersons' sign which will also have bones with our dogs names on them as well.

We topped off the weekend with a very tasty dinner at the Buffet in Chukchansi Gold Casino which is right here in Coarsegold. We even won $20 at the slots right after dinner. Nothing spectacular, but it helped to pay for dinner! The view outside the dining room was wonderful.

Our departure on Sunday was a little clunky. Our new sign wasn't ready so hopefully, the guy will ship it to us and Rosie ate our sandwich which I guess I didn't hide well enough as we ran in to get our Starbucks. Oh well...

All in all, this has been a wonderful four day get-away. Carol and I both could get use to these three day work weeks!

Happy Camping! Eric and Carol

Friday, April 1, 2011

Carols turn to surprise me

Hi there everyone, Well, it was Carol's turn to come up with a surprise get away for me. She took us to Coursegold, just north of Sequoia National Forest. We are staying at an Escapee's park called 'Park Sierra' in a town called Coursegold. It's only $16 a night, very secluded, very secure sort of place. There are about 200 sites, each owned by an RV'er. When they are out on the road, the park management rents out the spot. The residents all pitch in to do the maintenance and improvements around the common area. They are into a bunch of 'Barn Raising' sorts of projects. One year they did a dog park, last year they did a waterwheel and steam bed. This year they are working on a gazebo. We'd buy in here, if we could find work down this way! Right now though, the commute would be a killer! We had to boon-dock the first night 'cause we got here to late to check in. We were hoping to go to Kings Canyon and Sequoia national park, but they are still closed for the Winter. No matter, we are still having a great time! I hope to have more updates shortly. Happy Camping! - Eric and Carol -