Thursday, June 13, 2013

AC Control knobs

The following video is just for the research of finding a replacement of our air conditioner control knobs.


It will be deleted once we get it fixed in the dash.

It also can be viewed at this link for a larger image. Click here!

Thanks! - Eric -

Monday, June 10, 2013

Riverpoint Landing Video

Hi there everyone,

Here is the video about our weekend trip to Riverpoint landing in Stockton California. It may have only been for a three day weekend, but we had a wonderful time!


Happy Camping! Eric and Carol Anderson

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Riverpoint Landing Marina and resort

Hi there everyone,

Well, we wanted to get away for the weekend, and so we made short trip down the delta to the much maligned city of Stockton, which like Pit Bulls, gets a bad rap. Though yes, there are bad parts of Stockton, just like any city, there are some great parts too. This area, which use to be called the Stephens Anchorage, is a great place to come and hang out.

This is our second trip to Riverpoint landing, and there were a number of events it happen to coincide with. First of all, this is the first time this year, that the weather exceeded 100 degrees in temperature this year, and it did it two days in a row, on Friday and on Saturday. The good thing was that at least being here on the river, the temperatures at night cooled off fairly quickly. There were also a couple of special exhibits at the local Haggin Museum that were of interest, one having to do with the NFL and it's contributions during war time, and a NASA exhibit, having to do with what it is like to look down on earth from a satellite.

When we arrived on Friday afternoon, we set up camp and then went to lunch at a recommended place called the San Felipe Grill. This was actually the second time this had been recommended to us and thought it must be worth a try. Actually, it was ok, but nothing super special, so we doubt that we will be there again. Don't get us wrong, the food was acceptable, and now we just have other places to try in the future!

We then returned to camp where we could enjoy sitting out by the edge of the river from our RV site. One of the nice things about an RV, is they do have the ability to provide a lot of shade!

Our main objective of the weekend, other than to get some relaxation and get away from home for a while, was to go to the Haggin Museum down here in Stockton, so see the exhibit chronicling the contributions that the NFL has made during the times our country has been involved in military conflicts. We were in for much more than we expected.

First off, the rose garden next to the museum had some wonderful flowers to stroll through and enjoy.

Next, we had the added bonus of being able to take in part of a talk, presented by Jose Hernandez, a Stockton born gentleman that became an astronaut and went to the international space station on the shuttle Discovery! His talk was one that was very inspirational, especially to the younger ones in the audience.

Other things we got to see in the museum were a large number of pieces of farm equipment manufactured by the HOLT company here in Stockton. They were actually the company that perfected the Caterpillar drive!

There are many wonderful art works here at the museum that seem so life-like, so three dimensional that they pop out of the canvas at you. If you ever spend some time in Stockton, be sure to plop down you 8 bucks and check this museum out!

In the NFL exhibit there were many pieces of memorabilia to check out including uniforms, NFL champion ship rings and military commendations. There were also a number of video displays that one could watch to learn more about the contributions of the NFL.

When we returned to camp, we arrived to find that Riverpoint Landing was the finish line to a regatta that was going on this weekend. There were many wonderful small yachts that we go to enjoy passing by our RV spot.

We really enjoyed our two days away from home. Stay tuned for a video about this adventure coming up soon. Next month, we will be hooking up with family at the Jackson Rancheria RV park.

Happy Camping! Eric and Carol Anderson

Saturday, June 8, 2013

It's doggie wash day!

Every once in a while, whether the dogs think they need it or not, it is time for them to get a bath. In the winter months, if it is cold and rainy or otherwise uncomfortable for some reason, we can wash the dogs in the shower in the bathroom. But, it's not as easy for us, and their doggie toe nails could potentially cause damage to the bottom of the plastic shower area, though with the few times we've had to do it that way, it hasn't caused any damage.

Our preferred method is to conduct the baths using the outside shower of the rig and some of the rubber mats that were bought when we started 'The RV IT Guy' business. So, with the outside shower, a couple of the rubber mats, a trio of cinder blocks, a cool beverage, some doggie shampoo and of course a dog or three, it's time to get to work!

Check out the resulting video!

We've conducted this practice a number of times and though none of the dogs seem to 'Jump for joy' at the prospect of doing it, they all eventually come around to the idea and make it fairly easy on us!

We've got such wonderful dogs...

Happy camping! Eric and Carol Anderson