Saturday, July 8, 2017

Lots of stuff going on as we move from one month to the next

The month of June had been a very busy one. One of the great things about the sight that we have our RV at is that we have a lot of tree coverage. About a year ago, the RV park replaced part of the concrete at our sight. This year, the tree, had one of its three main branches start to die. The initial thought that it was because of damage to the roots because of the concrete work, was causing the tree to die. So, the land lord decided that the tree needed to go before it fell over on our motorhome or our neighbors home. So, we said good buy to one of the trees that we really love.

 When we pulled the motorhome out, we fired up the generator to run the Air conditioners. It died after only running a few minutes. We are thinking that the fuel filter is clogged, so we are taking the motorhome in on the 10th of July to have it looked at. We need to get the generator able to run for our trip to Glacier later this summer.

Our new boy Rex continues to grow up. As of this week, he is 16 weeks old and is smart as a whip. Though he still pushes the edge of the envelope as he grows up, and learns about new things he can do, we have to work with him to establish his limits of what is acceptable. This week, he weighed in at a robust 26 pounds! He has gained 17 pounds in the seven weeks that we have had him in our pack. Rex is getting along really well with Rosie and Charlie. Rosie and rex are getting along better than either of us thought he would. So, all in all, Rex is fitting in well.

The fourth of July was a rough one on Rosie, despite using music and a thunder shirt, she was really having a rough time. We tried giving her some Trazadone from the Veterinarian, she was still really worked up. From a scale of 1 to 10, Rosie being and absolute wreck, she was an 8 with the thunder shirt and music, and a 7 with the trazadone added on board.

One of the things that Eric is doing these days while working for the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation is doing support for Salesforce development. Eric attended the Salesforce developers conference in San Francisco. There was a lot of good information to be had and about 5,000 attendees. There is a Salesforce Users conference held in November also in San Francisco. That event has over 150,000 attendees. That is just too many people for Eric to feel comfortable with. The best part about going to the Salesforce Developers conference was for him to be able to hook up with his nephew Marq who is corporate lawyer that works in San Francisco.

Have safe travels everyone!