Thursday, April 11, 2013

Carols appendix

On Friday morning the 22nd of March, Carol woke up with a pain in her lower right side of her torso. She wasn't sure, but her gut (get it gut) was telling her that it was her appendix. So, instead of getting up and getting ready for work, we got ready to head down to the ER ward of the Kaiser South Sacramento.

We've become great fan's of Kaiser, ever since we joined about 4 years ago, and this experience was no exception. We arrived at the ER at around 7:00 AM. They gave her something to reduce the pain and then scheduled her for a CT scan. The CT scan was done by 8:15 and we had met the surgeon by 9:15. By 10:30, she was in the Pre-Op ward to have her appendix taken out.

The doctor and nurses told me that the procedure if all went well would be an hour and a half to two hours. With me waiting in the Surgical waiting room, the doctor came out before 12:00 noon to tell me that surgery had gone well and she was in recovery... WOW, that was fast! Because of the excitement and protracted recovery time involved in Carols Gal-bladder surgery 6 years ago, the surgeon opted to keep Carol over night to keep tabs on her recovery.

With a little respiratory and physical therapy, Carol was ready to go home on Saturday morning. Naturally, I spent as much time as I could with her, but with we still had the three dogs at home that needed looking after. Thankfully, Katie and Russ tag teamed with me to help keep the dogs walked, watered and fed, and all was right with the world.

Carol's recovery went much better than the one tied to her Gal-bladder, and she was back to work, full steam, a week after the surgery to remover her appendix. 

As always, Carol was a real trooper. Carol's only regret is that she was down and out while Karen and Mike were passing through town as they left for their 6 month road trip around the United States including Alaska!
Also, she missed out on a great dinner where I took Karen and Mike to Shady Lady for dinner. We wanted to take them to dinner there specifically because they serve 'Four Roses' burbon which is one of Mikes favorites!

Now that Carol is feeling all better, we just have to figure out where we want to go next in the motorhome. We're thinking maybe Half-moon bay!

Happy Camping! Eric and Carol