Monday, May 30, 2011

Reno for Memorial day

Hi there everyone,

We came to Reno Nevada this Memorial day weekend to hook up with Karen and Mike who are on their final leg of their 'Southern Safari' which has taken them all the way to Key West Florida. They embarked on the trip in February and have seen some wonderful sights of this great nation of ours during their travels. Check out their blog at

On Saturday, we went around the Reno and Sparks area looking for a few RV parts, having lunch and then taking the dogs to a local dog park. This was a great dog park in that one side of it was boardered by a lake. Guiness and Rosie had an absolute blast running and playing. Though Lilly and Nigel were active, they were more subdued due to their more 'Senior' status. In the afternoon, we snuck in a nap for a little bit. We caped off Saturday with the first 'Home cooked' meal that Karen and Mike have had since February where we had them over for dinner which consisted of Lasangna and other tasty stuff. Carol, as always is the consumate hostest with the mostest!

On Sunday, we made the trek down to Caron City to walk around inside the Rail Road museum. Though this is a smaller museum than the Rail Road Museum in Sacramento, the restoration work that they have done here is fabulous. It really gives you a sence of how our nation was built by the rail roads.

After we finished checking out the rail road museum, we drove to Virginia City for lunch and to do some window shopping. It is amazing that in late May we could find our selves in a snow storm, but we did. Virginia City is a cool little town that survives only on the tourist trade. Except for cars being on the streets, it is very much like the town of Columbia in California where you step back into time.

Saturday was caped off with a tasty dinner at a resturant called 'Brew Brothers'. The food was excellent, the service by Shad, was lousy. We haven't felt like we were putting someone out in such a very long time. Oh well. None the less, we had a wonderful dinner together.

Despite all of the good times we have had this weekend, we have not lost sight of the fact that many of the things we enjoy, we do so because of the sacrafices our service Men and Women have made since our great country was founded. We salute each and every one of you who have served our contry with honor. THANK YOU!

Happy camping! Eric and Carol Anderson

Sunday, May 22, 2011

A trip down town

Sunday May 22nd, 2011

Hi there everyone,

Yesterday Carol spent the day hanging out with Scott and Cheryl. I worked all day on chores around the motorhome. I got Carol's car washed and detailed inside and out. I painted the roof on the Neon, Fixed a screen on a window; cleaned house, did four loads of Laundry and two or three other items on the 'Honey do' list; so, it was a very productive day.

Today, however was a lot more fun. We had a leisurely breakfast and then sat outside and read the paper. After we finished the paper, we rode the light-rail downtown and walked around 7th and P streets as well as the K street mall. I got to see where Carol takes the train too when she rides it to work. All in all, we feel pretty safe on the public transit, but you do see quite the eclectic collection of folks.

We did a lot of walking around town today. So, it was a major cheat day. We had lunch at Jonny Rockets. In general we were really bad, but we had Veggie burgers. We didn't really have any money to spend, but we had enough for lunch.

Stay tuned for other new developments.

Happy camping! Eric and Carol

Speed trip to pick up our sign

Sunday the 15th, of May, 2011

A couple of months ago, we went on a trip down to Coursegold California and spent a 4 day weekend at an Escapee's park. On the first full day that we were down there, we stopped by a booth where there was this guy that made wood signs with your name or what ever you would like carved on them. We asked him if he could do a sign with a motorhome on it. He said sure, no problem. We asked him if he could have it done by the end of the weekend. He said 'Sure, no problem, I make a habit of under promising and over delivering'. Three days later, we went by to pick it up, and the sign wasn't ready. He said that he would ship it too us in two days.

A month later, after calling over and over again, he finally sent us a picture of the sign and said he would send it too us in the next couple days. Another month went by, and still no sign. So, I called and left him a message saying we would come down and pick it up. This finally got a response. He said he would send it to us the following Monday. We told him, no, that's alright we'll come down and get it. I asked him if he had also finished the three dog bones (Roxy, Rosie and Lilly). He said yes he had finished all of that.

We arrived at Eddie's business the next morning as promised. He dug the sign out, but the dog bones were no where to be found. He said, if we came back in 30 minutes, he would have the three dog bones completed. We came back 40 minutes later and the three dog bones were completed. Why is it he could complete three dog bones in 30 minutes, but could could not complete the sign and get it shipped to us in less than 2 months, no one knows, neither does Eddie.

At any rate, we got the sign and we are very happy with how it looks. We also got a chance to check out the city of Mariposa in the process. This included the court house. It is a very cool little town.

Happy camping! Eric and Carol

Mothers Day 2011

Saturday & Sunday May 7th and 8th, 2011

Hi there Everyone,

We got to have a wonderful mothers day weekend with the family. On Saturday, we spent the evening with Carol's sister Sandy, Sandy's husband Bill, Sandy's daughter Brandee and Brandee's husband Kevin. We had dinner at Fat's Asian Bistro in Folsom. Fat's is one of our favorite resturaunts. The food is delicious, but it is a higher end resturaunt that you can afford to eat at very often. The food this time did not disappoint. Though generally the food is generally a little on the fattening side, Carol and I found a great vegitable Chow Mein that can be fried in water instead of oil. It was yummy.

On Sunday, Katie joined, Carol, Sandy, Bill and I at a Rivercats game. The Rivercats are a favorite team for all of us, and it was a great place to go for a mothers day celebration. And, the Rivercats won! a definite bonus!

Rosie, who we adopted from the Amador county animal shelter continues to get more and more comfortable with her new home with us. She has been experiencing seperation anxiety. A number of times, we came home a number of times and found that Rosie had dismantled something in the house. Sometimes it was the tissue box or a pillow. However, some of her most destructive efforts are against cables within the Motorhome. Most recently, it was wires under the dash, and then cables that control the power awnings on the side of the motorhome. Fortunately, we have managed to survive and her urges have started to subside. The last week or so, she has been an absolute angel. We really love Rosie and are so glad that she is part of our life.

Happy camping! Eric and Carol!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Easter and an end to a long tradition

Hi there everyone, We're a little behind in our posting to the blog, so i will try to do some catching up. First off, we'll talk about Easter, a Rivercats game and an end to something I did traditionally every week, for years, but has come to an end...

Early in April we went to a Rivercats game with Carol's sister Sandy and her husband Bill. We always have a wonderful time at these games. We'd like to go to everyone of them, especially now that we live in Sacramento, but we wouldn't be able to afford that. But, we'll go to them as we can swing it. (Get it swing it???, Pretty funny huh!)

We had another wonderful Easter this year. We were suppose to go to a Winery in Shenandoah Valley, but mother nature threw a rain storm at us and so we had to go with Plan B, which was to met up at Brandee and Kevins house in Drytown. We always enjoy our gatherings at Brandee and Kevins though, so we are always ok with that as a Plan 'B'. Speaking of Brandee, things seem to be going well at her new business 'Studio B' which she opened up in April as well.

Just before we got together for Easter with the Family, I went and did my last 'Volunteer gig' at the Amador County Animal Shelter. I've been doing that every Sunday morning since 2005. I will miss that group of people and all of the pooches that I have walked there over the years, but many of the dogs have wonderful new homes, including our little Rosie! I'll also miss Tom and Sandy two other volunteers that I have worked with over the years. After I finished at the shelter that morning, I had time to run home, hook up with Carol and Katie and head over to Brandee and Kevins.

Well, that is about it for now. Take care all. Eric and Carol