Saturday, November 16, 2013

Marq and Stephanies wedding - November 2nd 2013

Hi there everyone,

The wedding of Marquis Wraight and Stephanie Chambers at Incline Village Lake Tahoe was a wonderful event. The wedding was held on this Saturday afternoon in this east Lake Tahoe location which puts it in the State of Nevada. The lake side service was held on the Hyatt resort property which served as the central location for all of the weekends festivities.

On Friday, and even Sunday, the weather was relatively warm and calm. The weather on Saturday though, was a little cool and breezy. None the less the location was beautiful as well as the bride and groom! There were about 100 witnesses for the wedding, which was officiated by a close friend of Marq and Steph's. Both Marq and Steph seemed comfortable and at ease with the proceedings.

One of the fun things was us was taking a picture at the wedding printing it out on our Printer in Karen and Mikes room and putting it in a frame to then drop off at the gift table at the reception! The picture frame had a couple pictures which were downloaded from Stephanies facebook page, a picture from the wedding rehearsal dinner and a picture from the wedding!

Here is a video of the wedding activities.

On Sunday, Marq's parents, Karen and Mike as well as Marq's sister Kristin and her partner Laura went for a tour of the perimeter of Lake Tahoe and we tagged along! As was indicated, the weather on Sunday was beautiful. We had lunch at Camp Richardson which is on the southwest shore of Lake Tahoe and took a tour of Valhalla which is always an interesting resort to explore. Even though it is closed for the season, visitors are still able to venture in and explore this resort that dates back to the early 1900's.

One of the recent announcements that occurred a couple weeks before the wedding, is that Laura and Kris will be tying the knot sometime soon. So, we took a few pictures of the girls that show just how much they love each other! Ah, we can't wait for that upcoming wedding that will be held in Connecticut.

Our stay for this wedding weekend, in the City of Truckee was a wonderful one. We are so glad that we got to take the Motorhome to the Campground here and provide the ability to have the dogs stay in the motorhome while we were off on various weekend activities. Though we did take the two pitties on Sunday's trip around the lake.

Happy Camping!

- Eric and Carol -

Friday, November 1, 2013

The Trek to Truckee

on Thursday the 31st of October Eric left work at 2:00 to get the motorhome, put some fuel on board and the go to Carols work to pick her up. Once we had everything hooked up, we headed to Truckee and the Coachland RV park. This will be our home base for the next four nights while we join the family for Marq (Eric's Nephew) and Stephanie Chambers wedding!

We arrived in Truckee around 8:30 and got camp set up. The campground is very nice and mountaineseque. On Friday, we did a little exploring around Truckee. We've scouted out some locations for possible visiting later this weekend. The only place we visited significantly, was Jax at the Tracks Truckee Diner.  The food there was delicious for a diner. We shared a Mushroom Swiss burger which was amazing.

Later Friday, we went to the Hyatt at Incline Village to hook up with Karen and Mike, do a little catching up. Around 4:00 we followed along for the wedding rehearsal. After the wedding rehearsal, we enjoyed a family dinner together.

We are looking forward to a very enjoyable rest of the weekend with the entire family!

Stay tuned for more updates tomorrow!

Happy Camping! Eric and Carol