Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day

I know, we've been bad about posting lately. All I can say is we've been busy. Carol has been fighting pneumonia and allergies. And just busy with honestly, we don't know what. None the less, Eric has been going to the Animal shelter at least once a week walking dogs and the like, and both of us have been reporting to work on a daily basis just to do our part of keeping the State of California running as smoothly as possible. But, none of that is really important today...

Today is Memoria day. A day where we pause to remember those who have served in the US armed forces and given the ultimate sacrafice, of their lives, in defence of our nation. Our recognition of Memorial Day this year was a three pronged attack. First, on Saturday, on our way to a family Bar-B-Que at Bill, Loretta and Brandons in Pioneer, we stopped at the American Legion post in Jackson to visit the bricks for Carol's dad Calvin as well as for Eric's dad John. Though, both made it home from their tour's of duty with their respective branches in World War II, it was none the less important for us to pause and remember them as they are no longer with us.

On Sunday, we didn't have much on our agenda, but we did want to get out to the Mount Vernon Memorial Park in Fair Oaks to view the replica of the Vietnam war memorial wall that was erected in recognition of Memorial day to help those who may not be able to make it to Washington DC, remember all of the brave members of our US armed forces that gave their lives during the conflict in South East Asia.

On Monday morning, we went to the former Mather Air Force Base, where the VA hospital is for the Rancho Cordova Memorial Day rememberance. This is always such a wonderful event. We've been to the Veterans day events in the past, but for some reason, this was the first time we had been their for memorial day. Of course, we've only live in Rancho cordova for a couple years, so we figure we've only missed one since we moved here. They always have such a wonderful event. For Veterans day, they have had the Army band, this time, it was a small ensemble from the Air Force. The ensemble may have been small, but they were WONDERFUL! It's always so up-lifting to attend this event. We always make an effort when we run into someone in a veterans cap or in uniform, we always thank them for their service to our country.

If you have served in the US Armed forces, thank you so very much for your service to our country.

Happy Camping! - Eric and Carol Anderson -