Monday, August 24, 2009

Their on the road again...

Hi there everyone,

Well my wonderful sister Karen and her great husband Mike are on the road again. They are on a four month trip circumnavigating the 48 contiguous United States in their Safari motor home. If you get a chance, please check out their blog at

We are so jealous and wish that we could be joining them right now. They do have a lot of real-estate they are planning to cover in those four months. They have been on the road just over a week and already reached Glacier Park in Canada. We look forward to checking out their blog on a regular basis and traveling vicariously through the entries.

We are doing great. Katie and Russ are getting settled in the home that they are now renting. As we have been downsizing out of the storage unit, we have been giving them more and more furniture. They sure are getting set up nicely.

My work is going fine. The implementation of Telesphere 6.0 wrapped up early this year. Now, i am working on modules that will be part of the new Telesphere that we just installed to help us manage our Cable TV business.

All of the doggies are doing fine. Believe it or not, Roxy is still with us. We just enjoy every day that we have with her. Tyson and Lilly are doing great. Tyson hurt his neck a few months ago, and though he will never the same, he gets around pretty well, all things considered. We put these little booties on his hind legs to keep him from rubbing the tops of his hind feet raw because of dragging them.

Well, I guess that is all for now. Happy Camping! - Eric and Carol Anderson -

Saturday, August 15, 2009

A cherrished snow globe and Katie and Russ's new pad

There is a snow globe that was made in the 1930's that belonged to Carols grandmother. The snow globe went from her grandmother to her mom and then ended up with us. It is a cherished family heirloom. Through all of the environmental changes that this snow globe has been through, the water had gotten really murky. A repair had been attempted some time ago, and though successful, it left the base damaged and after a while, the water got murky again. Carol read a story about a gentleman, Dick Heibel, who repaired snow globes such as these. He is 72 and lives in Michigan. I gave Dick a call and explained our dilemma. He told me that based on our description it had a bear in the snow globe. We weren't sure what the object was, but through the murky water, a bear was a possibility. He also explained he had seen many of these and that they were made in the 1930's. He told me that there was 60% chance he could fix the globe. Well, it wasn't really enjoyable the way it was, so we decided to send it off in hopes he could repair it. In a couple weeks, we had the globe returned to us and it was beautiful. As you can see in a couple pictures, you can get an idea of what the globe started out and ended up after the repair.

Karen and Mike started their latest adventure. They are traveling the US for more than 90 days in their 1994 Safari motorhome. We are so jealous. Please check out their blog at

We are in the process of continuing to empty out the storage unit this weekend. We took our old King size select comfort mattress up to Sandy and Bills this morning and they are taking it for a test drive. Hopefully, they enjoy it as much as we have over the years. We also took another load of stuff down to Katie and Russ at their new place in Sacramento. They are now renting a place from Katie's, dad's partner, Kevin. It's a cute little place. The kids are so excited 'cause now they have a lawn and garden. We've really helped to set them up with all sorts of stuff for their place. Their first place was a one bedroom apartment, now they are in a three bedroom house. We set them up with lots of additional furniture and appliances.

We are so happy for them being in their new digs. Though a lot of setup still needs to be done in the house, you might get an idea about the house and the decorative gardening around it.

Well, I gotta head off to bed. I gotta go to work tomorrow morning while we do a server move during the one day of the week that the office is closed.

Happy camping! - Eric -