Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas 2010

We had another wonderful Christmas holiday weekend, though it was too short, as always. The special bonus to Carol and I was the fact that Katie made the Trek up from Sacramento two days in a row to spend time with the family.

On Friday I was off work for the day and Carol got off work at 2:00 PM. Carol and Katie got to the motor home at around 3:00 PM and we headed up to Bill and Sandies in Pioneer to join Brandee, Kevin, Marge and Daniel in a Christmas eve celebration with Sandy and Bill. Sandy had prepared a wonderful spread of Turnkey and pork roast and many other goodies to enjoy. Katie took a while after dinner to go visit with her dad Bryan and his parents. Though we miss Katie when she leaves, we are always glad that she gets to spend some time with her grandmother and grandfather.

After Katies return to Sandy and Bill's we opened presents and then enjoyed some pie for desert. The problem with the holidays for Carol and I is the fact that it is tough to keep the weight off when we are surrounded by all of this tasty food. We also have a few well meaning people in our lives that are sabotagers of our diet by giving us gifts like Chocolate covered Candies and such that will do nothing but add to our waist lines. But, it's the holidays, so I guess we should be expected to cheat a little bit.

On Christmas day, Carol and I woke up stocking stuffers. Those were gift enough for us, but we had more to open once Katie and Russ arrived. After breakfast, Carol and I started getting Christmas dinner ready. I had baked pies in the convection oven on Friday, so we then cooked a turkey breast and a beef roast in the convection oven through-out the day. Katie and Russ arrived around 2:00 and we opened presents. We always enjoy our gatherings with Katie and Russ, regardless of what we are doing. The high-light of the gift opening was Carol's new purse that she got from Katie and Russ and the new Jacket that Katie got from her mom and I.

Around 4:00 Sandy and Bill arrived for dinner. There was nice chit chat going on while we finished getting dinner ready for the 6 of us. Once again, we set up the banquet table in the mo-ho and sat down to a wonderful feast. Thanks to Carol's expert cooking using the Convection oven and Bill's expert carving, the Turkey and the roast came out perfect.

Our next big event is going up to Oregon for New years eve in a week. Tune in for that update later. Happy camping! - Eric and Carol -

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Katie's 21st Birthday - Las Vegas

Though our first trip out in the new motorhome took place in September to the family reunion, was the first 'trip', in the new rig, it didn't really qualify as a 'Shake down' Cruise. The second trip was to a Camping World in Rocklin. That took the CR-V for a test drag. But the trip to Las Vegas for Katie's 21st birthday was a true Shake down cruise. We left Sacramento at 4:00 PM on the 9th of December from Carol's work. We went as far as a Wal Mart in North West Bakersfield. We then continued on to Las Vegas Friday morning to stay at the KOA at the Circus Circus hotel and hook up with Katie and Russ who flew into Las Vegas Friday morning from Sacramento.

Friday we went to the Monte Carlo and enjoyed the Dinner Buffet. After dinner we took Katie and Russ to the Jaberwakee show. This was a very busy show that went for 2 hours but seemed like we were there only 30 to 45 minutes.

Saturday, we spent most of the day just walking around the Strip. We had lunch at the Harley Davidson that was on the strip. We then had a wonderful dinner at a place Nove which was at the top of the Palms Hotel. This was where we took Katie for her Birthday dinner. The dinner and service were wonderful.

Sunday, Katie and Russ pretty much explored the Casinos that were interesting to them while Carol and I laid low for the day. Carol and I did take some time checking out the Circus, Circus Casino. This was the first time Carol and I had ever checked out this iconic Casino and it's indoor, on going, circus acts.

When Katie and Russ were done exploring on Sunday, they joined us at the Motorhome for left overs from the night before. After dinner, we took Katie and Russ back to their hotel and said our good byes for a wonderful birthday weekend celebration.

Carol and I headed home first thing Monday morning. We covered the 550 miles from Las Vegas to Plymouth in 11 hours, which included a lunch stop and a later Starbucks stop. :-) Driving this new beast is a real pleasure. We found that we got about 8.3 miles per gallon on this trip and the drivers seat is very comfortable. Though I was tired, when we got home, I was not exhausted by any stretch of the imagination.

We don't know when our next trip will be, but we will be ready to go when ever that is.

Regardless, what we do know is that Carol and I are both very proud of the wonderful young lady that Katie has become. We are also very proud of the young man she is sharing her life with in Russell Gallette.

Happy camping! - Eric and Carol -

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving 2010

Hi there,

Well, we are officially entering the holidays and they are as busy as always. Our family Thanksgiving this year consisted of many wonderful gatherings. Though we couldn't participate in all of them, we did manage to see almost everyone that we could have hoped too.

Our weekend started with Karen and Mike traveling down from Ashland Oregon to join us for Thanksgiving.

One Thanksgiving gathering this weekend was on Thursday afternoon at Brandee and Kevins. We were not able to attend that event, but it was attended by Kevins mom and daughter as well as Calvin and Joyce, and Sandy and Bill. The other afternoon Thanksgiving gathering was at our new motorhome with Mike and Karen. We were also joined by Katie and Mike and Karens son Marquis who lives in San Francisco. We had a wonderful dinner for the 6 of us in the motorhome, though we could have very easily sat 8 at the table.

Carol and I spent Friday hanging out with Karen and Mike. We went to the Black Chasam Caverns which are located in Pine Grove. This was a very interesting place to visit. It is like many caves in that it has StalageTites and Stalagemites. But unlike 90 percent of the caverns in the world, it has Helagtites which are formations that travel horizontially.

Saturday, Miek and Karen headed back to Ashland Oregon and we joined many of the family at Bill and Loretta's home in Pioneer. The gathering at Bill and Loretta's was a wonderful evening with 12 of us in attendance. Sandy and Bill, Bill, Loretta and Brandon of course, Carol and myself, Brandee, Kevin and Danielle as well as Calvin and Joyce. There were 12 of us that had a very nice visit.

Unfortunately, we all have to go back to work on Monday, but this was a most wonderful Thanksgiving that we all got enjoy.

Happy Camping and Happy Holidays! Eric and Carol!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Brandee's B-day and a 5K

Well, as always, we don't let much dust collect on our selves. We always seem to be really busy virtually every day of our lives. And, with our new Motorhome, our lives are no different. Of course, life always has other events that come along the way as well. None the less, we enjoy all of these activities that we enter into. Last weekend, on Saturday, we had a 5K that we participated in with a number of folks from our weight loss class. The 5k was a benefit for the underprivileged youth of Elk Grove. We had to be in Elk Grove at 7:30 am, so for a Saturday, we had to rise and shine mighty early in the morning. The morning started out with a beautiful sunrise. Our fall this year has been filled with some really spectacular Sunrises and Sunsets.

After we got home from the 5k on Saturday, I got busy working on installing the tow bar on the front of the Honda. This project required that I remove the old bumper internals and replace it with one that has the tow bar receivers welded too it. Once I finished that, and wired the tail lights of the Honda to a receptacle on the front, and now our little black car is all ready to be towed as part of great trip to Las Vegas for Katie's birthday in early December.

On Sunday, we attended Brandee's 42nd birthday at her home with a number of her friends and family in attendance. Brandee has been very successful in building her clientele since she sold the Beauty Emporium and started to focus on her business as a Hair Stylist. We are so proud of her.

This weekend, we took the Motorhome and all of it's occupants to Camping World in Rocklin to get a recall take care of on the Refrigerator. This was also a great opportunity to try out towing the the Honda behind the rig. We are really thrilled with how well the Honda tows behind our Allegro Bus.

We are so in love with our Allegro Bus. It is a wonderful rig and we just couldn't be happier. We've had to deal with a few issues on it. We found a water leak on the right of the motorhome where the large awning attaches to the side of the rig. Also, when we were getting ready to test hooking up the Honda to the Allegro Bus, we found the motorhome would not start. So, we've had to put a couple new batteries in the Moho. There are four more batteries that need to be replaced, but they are not as critical and we can wait a while to replace these.
Well, I guess that is all for now. Take care and happy camping! - Eric and Carol -

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Into November we go!!!

Hi there everyone,

Well, we have finished off another Halloween here at the Far Horizons 49er Trailer Village and are no worse for wear. In fact, we are a little lighter, but not because of Halloween. First off, we'll report on the Halloween. As we mentioned in an earlier post, we celebrate Halloween here at the RV park twice. Both weekends were equally successful. The park was sold out both weekends.

This time, we carved our pumpkins and added a tomb stone to our display. There was a group that set up a fun house and another one that had a kids treat area and an adult treat area where Wine was being served.

This next weekend we are going to start the weekend with a 5K walk followed by hopefully, installing the tow bar on the front of the CRV for towing it by the motor home. Then on Sunday, we will be helping Brandee celebrate her birthday.

Well, we guess that is it for our update this week. Take care and Happy Camping! Eric and Carol

Monday, October 25, 2010

Another month of busy activities

Well, Halloween is just around the corner and so you know what that means, another month is almost in the books. Sometimes I think we are adrenalin junkies and like being busy all of the time.

At the tail end of September, we bought our new digs, a 2003 Allegro bus motor home. Because the money didn't come through as quickly as we would have liked, we had to really hustle to get all of our stuff moved from the Fifth wheel to the motor home in time to move the motor home to the KOA in Lodi for the annual family reunion. One of the things that was missing from our new home was a computer desk. Well, instead of buying some pre-fabricated desk that I was going to have to modify the heck out of, I decided to build us one from scratch, and we are both very happy with how it came out. Staples also had a heck of a deal on office chairs. We found one that is very comfortable to work at and with it being half price, it was hard to pass up. Being that it is a dark brown, it matches the cabinets and the desk very well.

Less than a week after taking delivery of our new home, it was time to head to the Stockton/Lodi KOA at tower park. This was our third annual reunion at this park. The location works great because it is centrally located for all of the family members. Carol and Sandy once again organized some great games for everyone to participate in, and as usual, Kevin McCann was an outstanding master of ceremonies. My sister and Brother-in-law Karen and Mike were able to join in on the fun. They had their new addition to their family Guinness a Shepherd mix. Sadly, Bubba passed away when we went up to visit Karen and Mike while Kristin was in town in late September. Molly, Chuck and Terry's Beagle also made a special appearance. Most of all though, it was great to see all of the Waite siblings and so many of their kids attend the event. Saturday was a full day starting with games, having a horse shoe tournament followed by a pot-luck in the pavilion at the end of the day with awards and a slide show. No one went to the Emergency Room and the Cops didn't have to be called so all in all, it was a very successful family reunion.

It's closing in on Halloween and the Far Horizons 49er Trailer Village is bustling with activities. Starting with 2009, the owner of the RV park has opted to have two Halloween weekends. What this means is for two weekends in a row, the park is sold out and the vast majority of the RV sites are decorated with various decorations. Some really go all out. So even set up complete 'Haunted Houses'. Despite the fact that we had 1.5 inches of rain on Saturday night, the majority of the kids at the park made the rounds for their candy allotments. Even though the rigs on either side of ours didn't know that Halloween was such a popular event here, they both stepped up to the plate and participated in a big way.

Speaking of rain, we've had over 2.5 inches of rain here at the RV park in a 48 hour period. This was a fairly significant storm for this time of the year. We weren't really expecting it to be this wet a weekend, but for the most part we managed to stay dry. We did find however that our new rig has a leak in it. So, needless to say, Eric has another chore for around the house that he needs to take care of. I've tracked the problem down to the awning support up towards the front of the RV. So, when it dries out later this week, I'll get out my caulking gun and get things sealed up. We'll test the repair this next weekend, 'cause we are expecting more rain, for our second Halloween weekend.

Well, that is all for now. Happy camping! - Eric and Carol -

Friday, September 24, 2010

We have been busy again

Well, September is almost gone and once again, it has been a very busy month.

We started of September with a trip to the Olema Campground and RV resort. Olema is next to Point Reyes just north of San Francisco. We went there to celebrate our 11th wedding anniversary. Once again we had a wonderful celebration with a visit to someplace new. We went to the Point Reyes light house, took the dogs to the beach and had a wonderfully romantic anniversary dinner at Spinikers in Sausolito.

The weekend after that, we made a quick trip up to Ashland Oregon to visit with my niece Kristin who came out to Oregon from her home in Connecticut. We had such a wonderful visit with her and my sister Karen and my brother-in-law Mike. We even got to see Mike play in his Summer band at an Oktoberfest celebration.

The weekend after that, we went to Arco Arena and we picked out our new home. A 2003 Alegro Bus motorhome. I can't remember the last time I was so excited. I've been looking forward for a long time to getting back to driving a vehicle like this. It takes me back to the old days of driving for the Blue Devils where I drove 40 foot buses and 65 foot tractor trailer rigs.

As they say life is good!! Well, I need to get back to packing, 'cause we are moving this weekend.

Take care and Happy camping! - Eric and Carol -

Saturday, August 28, 2010

I've been a bad boy again...

Yes, I've been a bad boy, it's been over a month since I have updated the blog. You know we just get so busy some times and there are always other things we can do and I just don't get around to the blog. But really, there just isn't that much that is exciting to report some times. But now with both of us working, we are on the 'Go' a lot. Saturdays and Sundays are the only days for doing 'Fun' things and so life just flys by. But enough about that, I know what you want, you want an update!!!
Well the biggest news is probably the weight loss program. Well, it has been going really well for both Carol and I. We started the program back in April and we have both lost in excess of 50 pounds! I'm still off of my Blood pressure and Cholesterol meds. Carol is off her Blood pressure and Diabetes meds, but she is back on her Cholesterol meds. The reason for that is because her cholesterol appears to be hereditary, not diet related. :-( But that's ok, she reports that she feels so much better than she did 6 months ago and that is what is so important!!!

Carol also loves her job working for Cal-Fire. She is the secretary to 8 supervisors so there is always something to do. And, there is always a variety of things to do as well!!! She really enjoys everyone that she works with and the location of the office. Her commute is almost an hour, but there isn't much stop and go so she's fine with the drive.

As I got up this morning I heard the wind blowing and I thought to myself, "Oh Cool, lets go check on the weather station!". For Fathers day, Carol got me the coolest little weather station. It comes with an anemometer, Rain gauge and indoor and outdoor temperature sensors. It reports everything either to the TV or to the computer. The only drag is that it stops working all together if you turn off the computer. So, I just leave it un-connected from the computer and we change to our "Weather Channel" when ever we are interested in seeing the specifics on what is happening outside.
We recently went to camping world and found a great water filter for our RV. It is a Campco water filter. It is larger than the ones you get at Walmart. This one has a replaceable cartridge. The water that comes out of it is very clean and tastes great. We've stopped going and getting bottled water every week because of this new filter. We just love it!

We haven't been anywhere with the trailer for a while, but now that Carol has a job, we're hoping that we can afford to get out a little more often. We did take a day trip last weekend down to the town of Columbia which is south of us, but north of Yosemite. That was a cool day trip. It is a cool little town that was built in the Gold Rush days. Considering the down economy that we are in, it was great to see all of the Activity that was going on. Lots of people wandering the streets and checking out the stores. I had the first Ice Cream cone since April, it was very yummy, but I had gotten to a point where I didn't want any more ice cream before I was actually done with it. :-)

We also got together with Carols niece Brandee and her husband Kevin for breakfast last Sunday. With Carol having a job, she hasn't been able to get together with her sister Sandy and Brandee like she use to. Brandee sold her shop the 'Beauty Emporium' to a stylist that rented a space from Brandee and the business is doing quite well. Brandee is now a stylist with a station at the Beauty emporium and really doing a nice job of establishing a clientele. :-)

Carol's other niece, Shanon, has appeared in a magazine that focuses on dogs and dog training. Shannon and her daughter Kammy appear in many shots in the magazine and now, at least in the dog world, are quite famous! We are so proud of them! :-) The magazine picture included in the blog is of Kammy and her Pit bull. Carol and I both love Pit bulls by the way. At our local animal shelter where I walk dogs on sunday's we normally have over 50% of our population being Pit bulls or Pit Bull mixes. I'm happy to report that 98% of them are great dogs and very eager for me to visit them on any given Sunday.

Well, I guess that is about all for now. Next weekend will be Carol's and my 12th wedding anniversary. We are going away to Olema (north of San Francisco) for the labor day weekend. So, check the blog in a week or so for updates of our trip to Olema. Take care and Happy Camping! - Eric -

Sunday, July 11, 2010

As usuall, a busy couple of weeks

Today as I write this, it is the first 'Down day' that both of us have had in a very long time. Usually, our weekends are very busy, but we both needed some down time this weekend. I've been working on fighting problems that have arisen with the deployment of my VVIMS project at Volcano Telephone. As you may have figured from previous posts, the software I implemented will allow Volcano to offer bundles of Telephone, Cable TV, Internet and Long distance all on one bill. This has been the longest and largest project I have ever worked on. All in all I am very happy with the way the project has turned out. The project has been very stressful, especially the deployment, but I am starting to get a handle on all of the little things that have cropped up. So, having a down weekend for me, has been a wonderful thing.

Carol has started a new job this week. She is now working for Cal Fire in Sacramento as an office technician. She is in the position of the assistant to the deputy chief of the Human Relations department. She is so excited and enjoys her new job immensely. Though it is not a medical transcriptionists job, it is a job none the less. Any job in this economy, is very rewarding. I am so very proud of her for being able to land this job. In this weeks post, we see a picture of her getting ready to head off to work at her first day of her new job.

We had a neighbor here at the RV park, John Norton and his wife Linda who have just headed up to Fairbanks Alaska to help her brother run a gold mine. We are so jealous of them being able to run away and take on an adventure like this. We're hoping someday, we can take on the same sort of experience. We miss them, their 5th wheel was parked right next to ours, and they are great people. John mentioned to us one day that he had seen Wasps crawling into the vent above our refrigerator. So, one eventing I climbed up on top of the trailer and looked to see what I could see. Once I removed the top from the vent, I found a wasp nest, under the wasp guard that was about the side of a base ball. Yikes!!! So, I squirted it down with wasp spray. A day later, I cut open the vent to remove the nest. The nest was full of un-hatched eggs, I was so glad to get it out of there and seal up the opening with some new metal screening.

Earlier in the week, We celebrated the fourth of July at Cal and Joyce's house in Jackson. We had a great little family get together talking about all sorts of stuff. The hope was to get together and watch the Jackson Fireworks display, from their back yard, but alas, there was a hill in the way. None the less, we had a great family gathering. The fourth of July weekend is also a busy one here at the RV park. A number of folks decorate their RV to commemorate Independence day. We decorated too, but ours didn't hold a candle to the winning sites.
Oh yes, Carol and I have started our fourth month of the weight loss program that we started with Kaiser. The program has been working very well for us, Carol has lost 37 pounds and I have lost 39 pounds so far. This program has been wonderful for us in that we get to meet with our doctors every month or so to make sure that we are not experiencing any adverse affects of the weight loss program. We haven't missed a weekly meeting yet. We really enjoy meeting with all of the group on a regular basis. I will admit, this week I had a weak moment. I was really stressed on Friday because of some problems at work. I cheated and had a sandwich at Subway. It wasn't all bad though, I had one of their low calorie offereings. All in all, the program has been very successful for us.

Well, I guess that is about all for now. Take care and Happy Camping!

Eric and Carol

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Goin to the dogs

Hi there everyone,

Well, we have reached the 23rd of June and we still haven't had any days in the 100's and we are loving it! Normally, we are really cooking by the time we get into June and this year hasn't been too bad. At some point in though, we know the 100's will be there. We have been full timing for over a year and a half and are loving the life style. Though our trailer is not marketed as a 'Full time' rig, we have found that if we take care of it, it will hold up very well.

Lily our boxer has been struggling with a heart problem. We had noticed a couple of months ago that she looked like she just did not feel well. We took her to a veterinary hospital in Sacramento and she was assigned a cardiologist. He found that she had a number of pre-mature heart beats. She was prescribed a medication. The medication helped but did not resolve the problem. So, a second prescription was added to her diet. We are a little troubled that she still does not seem to be her old self. We are hoping that it is just a matter of her getting use to her new medication.

Speaking of dogs, Carol and Eric attended Petacular, a party for dog owners basically. Our we attended virtually every venu at this event and had a great time. Our favorite part was probably 'Splash dogs' where anyones dog could chase a toy and run and leap into a pool of water. This day was a lot of fun!

We got to attend Danielle McCann's 8th grade promotion ceremony at Ione Jr. High. She is such a bright, beautiful young lady that everyone in the family is so very proud of.

A large number of the family collected at Raley field in Sacramento for a Rivercats game on Fathers day where we all had a wonderful time.

We went to an RV show to see what the new models look like and Eric fell in love with a 2002 Winnibego Journey. Though it only had two slides, I think we came to the conclusion that rigs in the 60K to 70K price range might be more what we are going to have to look at. We took a few swings at getting the unit financed but it just did not happen. Two of the strikes against us was the fact that we had the short sale on the house just two years ago. The second strike was the fact that we live full time in our RV. But, we learned what bank we should talk to going forward. We understand that 'Bank of the west' is probably the establishment to deal with. So, in a few months, maybe we'll try it again.

So far, Carol and I have both lost in excess of 35 pounds through the Kaiser weight loss program . We have learned so much through the program about what we should be eating to live a healthier life. Carol has had some interviews coming up the last couple of weeks and as a result has needed to buy some more clothes that fit her better 'cause the old ones are just falling off. Loosing weight and having a job interview, those are both very good things! Here is to hoping they both pay off!!!

Carol and I took the trailer down to Clovis this last week end to see a drum corps show with Karen and Mike. The Blue Devils were victorious and obviously superior to every other group on the field, but all of the groups have come a long way since I was a volunteer for the Blue Devils 15 years ago.

This weekend is the fourth of July. I've finished the implementation of my VVIMS project and all in all, it seems to have gone fairly well. So, I am looking forward to a three day weekend that is just around the corner.

Well, I guess that is about all for now.

Happy Camping! - Eric and Carol -

Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day 2010

This year has been wetter than normal. Actually, we have had so many dry winters that it seems like we have had a wetter than normal year, but actually, this year we are at 98% of normal for our annual rain fall. The snow pack in the Sierra's is at about 110% of normal, so we ought to start recovering in our water reservoirs. This memorial day weekend, was indicative of our rainy season. On the Thursday before memorial day weekend, we had another drenching rain storm.

Memorial day weekend was a very busy one for us. Going into this weekend, I've been preparing for the start up of my VVIMS software that I have mentioned in the past. Infact, that is why I was off on Thursday. I was scheduled to work on Sunday to do the conversion from the old Cable management system to the one that I had written.

On Friday, the RV park started filling up in every site at the park. It's great to see the park filling up. Last year was a very slow RV'ing season, primarily because of the economy. But this year, it's been a pretty busy season at the old RV park.

Saturday, we went and hung out at Carol's brother Bill and his wife Loretta and their son Brandon's house in Pioneer. It is their weekend get-away house, as they normally hang their hat in Tracy. The gathering at their house in Pioneer turned out to be kind of a family gathering with over 23 of us there. The gathering also was an occasion to be a birthday party for Carol's great nephew Devin. It was a great day with a lunch time and dinner bar-b-que event, but of course since Carol and I are on a diet, the most we could do is spell the great smells.

Speaking of the diet, we are entering week 7 of being on the diet. As of last week, Carol has lost 23 pounds and Eric has lost 22 pounds. The program runs for a total of 80 weeks. The first 17 weeks of the program we are on meal replacement Shakes, bars and soups. After that, we will slowly work our selves back into regular food. Though this plan isn't cheap, it does come with regular blood work and meetings with the doctor on by-weekly basis. The best thing yet is that I'm off of both my blood pressure and cholesterol medications and Carol is off her blood pressure and diabetes medications.

At any rate, back to the Memorial day weekend. Carol and I went to the Memorial day event in Martell this morning. It was very well attended and the American Legion post seems to do a better event every year than the year before. They had a wonderful speaker who came all the way from San Francisco. He was a former member of the US Army Airborn who served in Afghanistan. He was a very inspirational speaker, a true pleasure to listen too. There was a number of folks their in dressed uniform including a Major who had served in World War II.

The American Legion post has been working on a new memorial wall. They have been replacing the original bricks with now granite ones. The new wall looks really great!
Well, I guess that is about all for now. Take care all, and always remember those who have served this great country of ours, especially those who have given their 'Full measure'!!!

Happy camping!!! Eric and Carol

Friday, May 21, 2010

Busy, busy, busy!!!

Hi there everyone,

Well, I've started conducting training classes for the consolidated billing project that I've been working on at Volcano. This project will allow us to provide services similar to that of the big boys (Comcast and AT&T) as far as bundled services and billing where a customer can have Cable TV, Internet, Long distance and Telephone service all on one bill. This project has involved the development of probably 30 or 40 programs and countless integration processes so that the new programs I have written will work with some software written by a vendor. I have been working on this project for the last 3 years in one way, shape or form and I will be so glad when I get it put to bed. I'm hoping to have it fully implemented by July 1st. Yipee!!! :-)

We've been staying pretty close to home over the last few weeks, for the most part because the project has kept me so busy that I can't take any extra time off from work so we can have a long get-away. None the less, we always seem to be able to keep busy on the weekends. Last weekend, we hung out at Brandee and Kevins for a good chuck of the weekend while they held a yard sale, which was fairly lucrative. The weekend before that we gave all three of the dogs a bath and shaved Roxy down for her summer cut. Of course, this year, we haven't had any high pressure systems park them selves over the region and as a result, our weather has been much cooler this year than normal. So, Roxy is looking at us as if to say "... And you trimmed me down for why???"

This weekend, I'll be working the dog adoption day at the Petco in the county and maybe go see all the RV's we can't afford at an RV show. And then of course, there is all the regular stuff that needs doing like laundry and such. Next weekend will be a busy one at the RV park because it will be memorial day weekend. I will be working on Sunday because of the pilot conversion that weekend for the project I've been working on. I'm hoping I can join the family for some of the weekend though and not be too much of a work aholic. :-)

I guess the secret is out, Carol and I have been on a 'Medically Managed' weight loss program for the last 6 weeks and it seems to be going pretty well. We've both lost almost 20 pounds and both of our vitals are looking better every week as we go in for our 'Med-checks'. We're very excited about the results we are seeing so far and we are finding it pretty easy to stay 'On Plan'.

Well, I guess that is about all for now. Take care all! Happy Camping! - Eric and Carol -